Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wrap with Love

When I saw Nicky's blog I got a glimpse of how close to finishing some tops are when they make it into the UFO cupboard.  Her beautiful quilt was so close to being finished that it wasn't long before the top was put together. 

Sheepishly, I went to the darkest corners of my cupboard and pulled out a UFO that was similarly close to completion.

Only the last 1/8th of the top needs to be finished.  It was started in a class with Karen Cunningham in 2006.  Karen called her quilt Antique Applique Sampler.  I followed Karen's pattern for the 8 central blocks, but went out on my own for the borders.  If you look closely you will see the blue pen lines outlining the applique yet to be sewn.  Fingers are crossed that it will wash out when I complete the applique, which will be very soon now since Nicky has comprehensively shamed me.

If you are wondering how my applique relates to the post doesn't.  Friday morning saw the annual "Wrap with Love" knit-in at  Sydney's ABC building (home of Australia's national non- commercial broadcaster).  I arrived clutching my wool, needles and some recently completed 10" squares

and met up with Kate and hundreds of other people, all knitting furiously to make wraps from squares sewn into 4 X 7 arrangements. 

Well,  some of us were knitting.  Since 1992, Wraps with Love has produced more than 250,000 wraps and donated them to more than 70 countries.

Before I left for work, I took a photo of a small sample of wraps and squares

Apparently they accept some quilts, but by far the majority of wraps are produced by our knittin' cousins.


Adele said...

I thought Antique Applique sounded familar, yes i have nearly finished the applique. Something else must of come along and caught my eye. Will have to put that on my 2012 list to complete.

Love your Blog.

Nicky said...

Well Liz I thought it was the other way around as you encouraged me to get my quilt out to finish it off - not quite done yet though! It will be good if you finish this beauty off! I am certainly better able to finish my quilt off now as my skills have improved so I think your encouragement came at the right time - my excuse anyhow!

Great knitting - such a social activity!

Slay those UFOs!

Carol G said...

Your applique is wonderful. Glad you are going to finish it. Love your fussy cuts!

Crispy said...

What a fun thing to participate in!! Hooray for finishing up a UFO, I can hardly wait to see it :0) Don't worry, the blue lines will come out, I've had them on really old (like 10 yr) projects and it came out fine.


Sharon said...

What a pretty project, I'm glad you pulled it out and are going to finish it. I pulled out a UFO yesterday, all the blocks were cut and sewn and I need a comfort quilt asap. I put it up on the design wall and am sewing the rows together today. It's the perfect quilt for my friend so I guess it was just marinating, waiting for the right home.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh I hope you finish it! It looks like a real treasure!

Janet O. said...

I know there is nothing that good-looking hiding in the depths of my UFO pile! Definitely deserves a finish. How wonderful it will be!

Dawn said...

Those vines are beautiful, so graceful and curving. Looks like a fabulous design. Wish I had one like that to pull out.
The knitting event looks like fun!

LuAnn said...

What a beautiful quilt. I'm so glad you are going to finish it. I just love the idea of the knit-in. It looks like so much fun. The wraps made there are real eye candy.