Thursday, October 21, 2010

Prairie Points

This post should really be titled "What I Now Know about Prairie Points".  I have used them twice.  Once, last century with this which was hand appliqued and hand quilted:
and again with this recent quilt

For future reference I need to remember a few points:
1. I will always need more prairie points than expected.  My big quilt measures 56" x 76" and has 162 prairie points made from 4" squares  (approximately  0.6 prairie points/inch.  It required 1.75m (68") fabric.
    The baby quilt measures 36" x 46" and has 109 prairie points made from 3" squares (approximately 0.6 prairie points/inch.  It required a bit over 80cm (32") fabric.
     Seems like a good way to chew up fabric
But there is still plenty of this range left for more baby quilts.  This is the second one I have made from my "Sweet" fat quarter collection and here is what is left for another day:
2.  If hand quilting, put the prairie points on before doing the border or last couple of inches before the edge.  If machine quilting, it is probably best to add them prior to quilting.

3.  Don't bother doing fancy tricks at the corners as I did for the first quilt.  I thought it looked empty so I added 1/2 sized prairie points that did not really add to the quilt.

4. However, corners are important.  Line up the prairie points so that they end nicely at the corner.  This means fudge the points before the end if necessary.

5.  At corners, to keep things neat, turn the last prairie point the other way so loose corners are tucked in against the previous prairie point.

6.  Use a steam setting on the iron when pressing prairie points, particularly for the second fold.  Otherwise the point will keep springing open.  Note to self: watch out for steamed fingers.

As for the baby quilt, I used my walking foot to quilt most of it, but got adventurous with free motion quilting in one spot.  I won't point it out but I wish I had stayed with the walking foot.

This post has been full of lessons for me, not least of them how to spell prairie!  Now I am off to hand quilt where I have more control of the stitching.


Sharon said...

this is very cute. I've only done P.Points once, they are some work!

Julie Fukuda said...

What a cute result and a good lesson too. I have never tried prairie points but one of my quilting group members used them a while back quite successfully.
Do they wear well? Catch on things? I can see it might be a good way to use up spare fabric or add afew inches to a quilt.

Crispy said...

I've never done prairie points but have always loved the look of them. The baby quilt is WONDERFUL!!


Kathy said...

Very nice to see your edgings of prairie points. They look wonderful on your 2 quilts. I myself have only done it three times and they were on the ends of table runners, so it was just the short ends! Not as many to make.

Robin said...

I love the baby quilt! Is it a pattern or did you design it yourself? It is great and thanks for figuring out the yardage for us on the prairie points (my mother always called them "picots").

Scarlett Burroughs said...

Hi Liz,
I am so crazy about your baby quilt I linked to it here:

And thanks for sharing pointers on prairie points - maybe one day I'll bind a quilt with them.

Scarlett B
Quilting Editor, Craft Gossip

Kathie said...

I love prairie points on quilts! they finish off a quilt nicely.
love your little quilt...perfect for a baby quilt.
thanks for the tips I may have to try it again.

bailee said...

i saw this on, and it is hands down the most beautiful quilt i have ever seen. i ADORE the colors and the freeform pattern. how inspiring, i never thought to do a quilt in such a random way. it is completely beautiful. i may have to try this method with the baby quilt im about to start!

Piecefully Pam said...

Very sweet! I need to make a baby quilt upcoming and this may just be the inspiration I was looking for...?! Thanks! ; )

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if you have a pattern for the baby quilt at all? I would be very interested in it.
Thank you :)

liz said...

Hi to the commenter above. Sorry, your return email address is not available. Try emailing me at lizpinczewski@gmaildotcom