Thursday, October 14, 2010

Orphans from the Cupboard

When I saw Crispy's post regarding orphan blocks it immediately resonated with me.  I recalled a quilt top I had tried to put together years ago using blocks from aborted quilts:
As usual, I got too ambitious and it all came tumbling down when I decided to applique the border.  Looking back on it, I'm glad.  Tastes certainly change.  I still can't throw out the rest of my orphan blocks, even though I know I'll never use them.
Here is an update on the baby quilt I am making.  It has to be ready for November...2010.  Now it is up to sandwich and quilting stage.  I may have to do something I 've always managed to avoid - machine quilt. 
By the way, I had a lovely time in Adelaide.


Julie Fukuda said...

Welcome home! I wish I could pop right over and help you quilt. It would be so lovely done by hand.
ps. hang on to those blocks. You never know when something will shsow up.

Fiesta said...

you should make a quilt with all the orphan blocks. Victoria from Bumble Bee made one and called it Everything but the kitchen sink quilt. I too made one and I love it. I love your spool quilt. It is delightful.

Ann Marie said...

You could finish up that orphan block quilt top and donate it to charity if it doesn't fit your tastes any more. And because it's your own design, no one will know if you cut back on the ambitious applique!

The baby quilt is great. Is that another of your own designs? What inspired it? I like how the Dresden plate section curves inward. How'd you figure that out. Please post more about the design of this one!

Crispy said...

Never say never, you may get really inspired some day. In the mean time, they can just stay and ferment for a while LOL.

The baby quilt is gorgeous!! I can hardly wait to hear about your experience with machine quilting. I've been leaning towards that with my mini quilt but am still too chicken to try it :0)


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz, Gee the bow ties are nice...another one hiding in that cupboard of yours. What if you removed the dark red and blue borders? It might make the next round of blocks feel more integrated? (just a thought). See you Tuesday? cheers, K

Sharon said...

You've got some great orphan blocks, they just haven't found the right home yet. They will one day. Love the quilts you have showed in the past few posts. very nice!

Lori said...

What a lovely way to use your orphan blocks!!

That is one lucky baby to receive such a beautiful quilt!!