Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tree Hugging

Below are a few more photos from the Brooklyn Museum exhibition, all with a similar theme.

Above is a Star of Bethlehem dated about 1830, and measuring a huge 95" x 95.5".

A circa 1850 Star of Bethlehem (so many pieces of silk!) and this quilt measures  91" x 86".

Also dated circa 1850 and 84" x 82".  I'm not sure which I like best, but since I can't have any of them it doesn't matter.  Looking at quilts like these is inspiring.  While I like to make large quilts, in the name of pragmatism I rarely make a quilt bigger than 84" wide.  Just so I don't have to buy more than 2 drops of fabric for the backing. 

Next week is the Sydney Quilt Show and it promises to be entertaining.  Over 400 quilts including the late Narelle Grieves' collection. 

Street art is a wonderful creative expression.  Walking through the Strand Arcade today I came across some of Magda Sayeg's work covering a gum tree

Click on the picture and you can see some pieced knitting!  Alongside Magda's work was some other woollen pieces by local young designers; a cute ensemble by Katerine Mavridis, but not enough to keep me warm this winter. 

Also this outfit, by Kathleen Choo

These sorts of things  never fail to make me smile.