Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blog, Interrupted

Now,  where was I?

My apologies to anyone who missed me.  After more than 18 months of regular blogging I needed a break.  Anyone who has blogged for any period of time knows what I mean.

During my intermission I haven't really done much sewing, just a bit of knitting in my new favourite colour, chartreuse!  There are two types of people in the world - those who love chartreuse and those who hate it.   I belong to the former group.

Here at quilterie, it is still the year of the solid, so my jumper is a solid stocking stitch and matches some other gorgeous coloured accessories.

Slowly my Amish style quilt top is coming together.  Since the colours are not really anything like Amish colours but the pattern is, I feel it should be called "Qu'amish", a hybrid of quilterie and Amish.

Meanwhile, the single sock situation has continued to grow without any assistance.  Not a lot to show for 6 weeks away, but I hope to show some quilting progress now on a regular basis.  Thanks for checking in on me.