Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stab Stitching

I have little new to post this week due to a blunt 1 cm stab wound to the pulp of my left index finger (photo on request).  Too painful to sew/quilt and very slow to type with.   After reading Kathie's recent post on hand quilting, I thought I would show you some of my unfinished, partially hand quilted projects.

I was curious to see how difficult it would be to quilt through all the seams in this log cabin quilt, and to my surprise I found it wasn't too hard at all.  Quilting straight lines can become tedious so in the "alternate" blocks I quilted a feathered circle.

On an earlier quilt that is predominantly applique,  I quilted a cross hatch pattern, but to break it up somewhat, I designed some feathers to fit in the larger spaces

and in the centre of the quilt

The quilt is called "The Wedding Quilt" and was designed by Karen Cunningham.  The pattern has been published in "Great Australian Quilts" magazine printed by Quilters Companion in 2004.

In spite of a 700km round trip to Canberra for their show, I have no photos to show you.  The emerging custom is for quilt shows to censor publication of quilts without the specific approval of their owners.  Is this a good move or not?

No one likes their original work being copied, particularly if there is no acknowledgment.  Perhaps we all ought to make more of an effort to cite our sources/inspiration before this rule becomes a blanket (no pun intended) rule for all shows.  What do you think?  I, for one, love looking at other people's work, virtual or real and acknowledging their efforts seems a small price to pay for that privilege.


Crispy said...

OUCH!! I hope your finger heals quickly!! Your UFO's are lovely and the quilting is beautiful!! I hope you can pick up your sewing again soon :0)


Sharon said...

I think it's ridiculous to not be able to take photos at a quilt show. If the show has an "original" section" fair enough. Put up signs at that section NO PHOTOS. But to not be able to take a picture of a GFG or a Log cabin that has beautiful quilting, well. I think it's a deterrent. We glean inspiration from all areas in life and I take pictures to look back over just to revisit that show. Sisters has over 1200 quilts, snap away!

Dawn said...

Perhaps a revenue source for the shows is the CD many publish with the quilts. Even our small local guild does this.
Love your hand quilting - lovely work.
Heal fast!

Janet O. said...

That is beautiful work on these quilts.
Stabs in the finger can be so painful--there are so many nerve endings there.
I don't get the opportunity to see many quilt shows, but I have loved taking pictures when I can. I understand the "copyright" issue of original work--I can see how this could be a sticky area.

Nicky said...

Sorry about the stab wound - sounds painful but hope it heals soon. Lovely hand quilting but why have you not finished these beauties?

The photo thing is a hard one as we do want people to design quilts and they do need to make money too! But most people are honest and will not take has to be a balance!

Maureen said...

Sorry about your finger - hope it heals quickly.
Thanks for showing your lovely hand quilting!
That's too bad about the quilt show photography. While many quilters are so generous with their ideas and tips, I do lament the fact that so many do not want to share. I always try to give credit about where I get my ideas, but none of us live in a vacuum. I realize it is complicated. At our local show there is a CD of the show quilts for sale, but photography is also allowed. A quilter can request no photography (noted by a sticker on the label). Fortunately, this year no one chose that option.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh I love your quilting on the projects you shared. I always take a picture of the post by the quilt so I can remember who made it. I"d be all for posting pics as long you as you gave credit.

Kathie said...

love the quilting on your quilts,
ah yes my callouses on my quilting fingers are forming again, guess that means I have to keep hand quilting.
I agree with you if people would just give credit for inspiration on their quilts and when they show a quilt made by someone else site the maker of the quilt give them full credit for the quilt. I agree with you I am very inspired by others work, sometimes its the colors, the block, the border, the fabrics...quilting is our passion and seeing quilts well just fuels that passion.
so how was the quilt show?
were you awed????

Melissa@Vidastyle said...

I hope your finger heals soon, I really admire hand quilting but am not sure I have the patience to complete a whole quilt in it.