Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Re Collections

Have you ever considered yourself  a "collector"?  I always regarded those other people who collect posters, or teacups or matchboxes as collectors but had to revise that idea when I considered my magazine collection and my fabric collection and yes, even my quilt collection. 

Today I thought I would take you on a limited tour of my sewing space.  Naturally, I rushed around and tidied up, as you would before guests arrive.  Sadly, neatness is not my top priority normally.

This little corner houses my book collection.   When it comes to the written word and pretty pictures  my desires are insatiable.  You may notice, there is room for more books.

Alongside the mini library is another collection -  of magazines:

While I was boasting of a vast collection of QNM (bottom right) in my recent post, you can see that it is dwarfed by the  even-vaster-collection of APQ (Australian Patchwork and Quilting)magazine that stretches back to the first ever publication and goes to about 2005 (top left). 

Currently I am working on my "Down Under Quilts" and my "Quilters Companion" compilations (top right).

What you can't see is beyond the bookshelves.  There,  lives an almighty collection of UFOs dating back to the start of time:  BQ (Before Quilting).

The cupboards  may appear unremarkable,  but they are, in fact, incredibly spacious.  Imagine they have magical qualities similar to the cupboard in the "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", my favourite children's book.  Behind these innocent cupboard doors lies a curious land filled with  mega piles of UFOs.  

What I can show you is a collection that dwarfs my UFOs.  I add to it every week and it was started back in 1981.

Odd socks are the bane of my life.  With a family of six they just grow.   I save them, optimistic that one day they will all be re-united with their partners.  I'm grateful dogs  don't wear socks too. 


Maureen said...

That cupboard is anything but unremarkable!
You do have quite a collection of books and magazine. Are those covered bins in between the shelves?
I have a yard sale every year or two and put out old t-shirts, single socks, etc. for free. The laborers pick them up quickly to use as rags. I hate throwing that kind of thing in the trash.
Thanks for sharing your collections. Your pottery is lovely, too!

quiltmom said...

I loved reading about your collections- I have a few myself- starting with fabric and ending with a large bag of singleton socks. I thought the socks would get better once our son moved away but it is too soon to tell-
I have a large collection of the APQ magazine that I specially ordered because it was hard to find on the newstand here in Canada. I have a nice collection of books and magazines- still I search for the perfect pattern and such for the next project on the net..
Thanks for sharing.
Regards from Western Canada,

Julie Fukuda said...

Oh, so you have one of those machines that eats socks too? I thought those were only in Japan. We have a thing at our house that is called a stairway between the first and second floor and a bookcase up to the third floor where I sleep. I thing I've got you beat on magazines and books. UFOs, they don't fit so nicely on stairs so I have to finish what I start.

Janet O. said...

So do my eyes deceive me, or are your quilt books really organized by the color of their spines?

Nicky said...

Liz I am really disappointed you didn't open up those cupboards and show us your UFOs - I am desperate to see them and I might just have to fly over and open them myself! You tease!

Crispy said...

I agree, you need to open up the gorgeous cupboard and show off your UFOs....we won't criticize you LOL.

I've always believed there is an alternate universe where all the lost socks go and live happy lives on non-stinky feet :0)


Carol G said...

Wonder if there is a quilty use for all those orphan socks! Beautiful cupboard and I agree a future post should reveal what's inside :-)

Janet said...

odd socks - lol!! I must have a laundry basket full. I'm a collector too - I know it and I love it!

Joan said...

Your post made me smile...As others have mentioned - I too would love to see what is inside the cupboard,

Kathie said...

oh yes I am a collector too...reproduction fabrics, quilt books....should I go on? no really thats it I gave up my magazine collections for the most part a few years ago. I just ran out of space and needed more room for the book collection... it was a hard choice to let them go.

Quilts And Pieces said...

I"m not even showing you my stack of UFO's, or magazines!

The Quilted Finish ph 02 63310084 said...

I too believe there is a parallel universe where socks escape to. They are not community minded and so when an opportunity to run from our mundane world arises a single sock will grab the chance with not a seconds thought for his or her partner! With regard to collecting......
I am looking at two 4' high piles of various quilt magazines, they are next to two more
2 1/2' piles(stacked ready to put on a new bookshelf that is awaiting assembly) and in my lounge room I have several shelves on a bookcase that also house quilting magazines and books. That's not counting the other couple of piles of quilting books by my bedside table (within easy reach for night time dreaming and planning)...I have every quilting magazine and book I've purchased for the past 19 years, ouch! So you are in good company Liz, creative people need inspiration like air and food, I make no excuses,LOL.
A sneak peek in the cupboard would be nice ;)

Mayleen said...

I'm quite impressed with your neatness! Just lucky for me that my quilting room has a door thats closed most of the time.

The blue cupboard is just gorgeous, very magical and maybe it will inspire you to finish a UFO now and then!

About the socks, I've learned to purchase the same color socks so two widow socks can be paired off and begin a new life together!

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

I love quilt magazines, too, and have accumulated quite an array of them over the years. In fact, I am somewhat addicted to magazines in general but I guess that might be expected since I work in the mag publishing industry! I absolutely LOVE your blue cupboard. What a beauty!