Tuesday, September 14, 2010

who cares about the points

If you came across this bundle at a garage sale what would you do?  Would you buy it?  

What if some of the blocks were sewn together:
and others had little labels identifying their position-to-be in the quilt:
What if there were 63 blocks?
How much is it worth?
On a post last week I saw a quilt top that had been bought at a "yard sale" for $3.  I didn't know how or why the quilt top had ended up there, or who valued all that time and effort at $3, but the story dismayed me.  My imagination ran wild.  It bothers me to think that one day my fabric stash, UFOs, quilt tops and even quilts could end up in the same predicament.  What would happen to my stuff if I got run over by a bus tomorrow?

In fact, this is a partially completed quilt top from "Rotary Roundup by Judy Hopkins and Nancy J. Martin.  I had no trouble identifying it because it is mine.  It was started in 1997 after I had been sewing for 2 years.  Today I pulled it out of the cupboard determined to save it from a garage sale fate.
As I worked on the blocks,  I understood why I had not continued on and left this project languishing so long.  I had not paid enough attention to the 1/4" seam allowance on every block.  When it came time to put the top together I  had realised that I was going to lose lots of points and became disheartened.  13 years on I didn't love the pattern nearly so much, but I did understand its value.  It is destined to become a quilt that will make me smile and appreciate the journey I have travelled in that time.

PS.  When I told my friends this sorry saga, they told me not to worry any more about my stuff going into a garage sale.  They said they would look after it if that bus actually got me!


Lesly said...

Ha! Rotary Roundup! That takes me back! I don't have any unfinished quilts from that period but I do have a whack of fabric that fairly screams how old it is. I wouldn't want my unfinished quilt blocks to go for $3 but I'd probably take that much for some of that fabric!

grandmarockton said...

Such wonderful friends you have!

Anonymous said...

Now, Liz...What we actually said was - bring on the bus!!! (who wouldn't want to get hands on your fabulous fabric stash, your gorgous applique, extensive library and 39 UFO's.) You DO know we were kidding, right?
Doesn't this look great photographed? Clever colour choice too. I gave my copy of Rotary Roundup to my mum, who has just discovered quilting - she loves it! I don't think I ever used it :(

Adri said...

Not a pretty picture, this bus thing, but your quilt is stunning. Cant see your quilts ever falling in the wrong hands.

Crispy said...

Isn't it wonderful to have friends that will rescue your quilts and fabrics and sewing machines and rulers.......wait, I think I'll take mine with me :O)


Anonymous said...

It is a very nice quilt indeed, do you know how you will fix your dilema? Just think of a pioneer woman who did not have the luxury of concerning herself with the accuracy of points nor extra wavy bits, I wonder how they solved it..Enjoy

The Quilted Finish ph 02 63310084 said...

I think Rotary Roundup was the first quilting book I ever bought and to this day have not made one quilt from it! The first quilt I made had such irregular seams the blocks had to be cut down in size to even them up! The resulting quilt was more a large-ish cot quilt rather than a single!! However, my 18 yr old daughter loves it just as much today as when she was a toddler...points aren't everything! Love your quilt and the fact that you finally determined to finish it. Well done you.

The Tile Lady said...

What an amazing find! But I understand your consternation! I would hate to think of my quilts unfinished or not ending up like that! I love your wonderful quilt! I too have a "first quilt" that I never got put together, because the blocks ended up different sizes, etc. I remade some of them and put "borders" on a few, and I still intend to make that top and get it quilted. It was my FIRST, after all!