Monday, September 20, 2010

2 steps forward, 1 step back

This post is dedicated to Chris who happily gives good advice.

Here is a project I am currently working on.  in other words, I started it in 2010.

It is from  the book  "Material Obsession 2", which if you haven't seen it is worth a close look if not a purchase.  I find it inspirational.  Instead of funky, I chose to work with 30s fabric and a range called Regency Dandy.  I was merrily tootling along but aware that something wasn't quite right.  Yesterday it hit me.  It is a quilt of medium to light value and the large dark stars  and corner pieces had to go.  Easier said than done, especially as this is foundation pieced.

At this point, my blocks would have progressed from the work table to the cupboard and become next year's UFO (WIP if you like euphemisms).  However, I stuck to it, in spite of spending 2 hours looking for a piece of fabric that had inadvertently fallen into a drawer (does that sound familiar? or is it only me?).

 After a weekend of snatched sewing, I am back to where I started,  plus one block.

It is intended to be 9 blocks (the MO2 quilt is 16) and that will do me.  And because I am starting to like big stitches, I will use Perle 8 again for this quilt.  Black? or have I just not learned my lesson.  Should I be going with a medium or light?


Crispy said...

Very pretty Liz!! I love the secondary pattern with the stars.....stars are always good :0)

You are most welcome my friend.


Una said...

Liz! Your blocks are absolutely gorgeous! I love the stripes in the spider web centers:) Looking forward to see more - please don't put it in the cupboard ...

Sharon said...

I like the darker pieces. Remember, color gets all the glory and value does all the work. I think it adds interest and variety. As for the perl ctn, what about a varigated one?

Marit said...

This will be a pretty spiderweb quilt! I am planning one of my own in halloween theme. How big are your blocks?