Monday, September 13, 2010

Preserving the Past

You may have noticed my new header - I certainly hope so! I was asked about the previous one.

In 2008, I was lucky enough to attend Quilt Market and Festival at Houston.  Concurrent with the Festival,  the Heritage Society in Houston displayed 17 quilts from their permanent collection.

The quilts were on view at seven historic buildings in Sam Houston Park.  I made a trip to the exhibition and was surprised to discover that I was the only person in Houston at that time who was interested in this amazing event.

Maybe because I was the only person on the tour, the docent allowed me to photograph the quilts.  The houses that the quilts were in, were amazing, and the stories I heard, fascinating.  If you are able to visit Houston during the quilt show this year I hope they have a similar exhibition. 

More next post.


Crispy said...

Those silly quilters, look what they missed out on!! I LOVE the first quilt!!


Sharon said...

These are amazing quilts, I'm totally smitten with big block appliques, simply amazing works of art. Thanks for sharing

Millie said...

Beautiful quilts and thanks for sharing. Happy Quilting!

The Quilted Finish ph 02 63310084 said...

Thanks so much for posting these photos. What fantastic quilts! How fortunate you were to have the exhibition to yourself, crazy people who missed out.

The Tile Lady said...

I am shocked that no one else was interested! I have been to those houses! When I was a young mother many years ago, it was a favorite place for my husband and I to go! What a lovely idea to display the quilts there. So glad you were able to photograph them!

Kathie said...

oh how I wish I could have seen these quilts too
beautiful...crazy people for not wanting to go see this exhibit too!
Love that basket quilt and the princess feather....warms my heart

Doniene said...

Super neat! Next to star quilts, red, green & white quilts are my favorite! What a fun tour and what a treat you had so much individual attention! Thanks for sharing! Do you happen to know the pattern name for the first quilt. Very interesting.