Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Little Baskets

When I saw the little baskets on Ann's blog, it reminded me of my little baskets, tucked away in a cupboard somewhere.  When I first saw the picture of this quilt in "When a Cold Wind Blows", I was ensnared and determined to make it.  After all, the text read that one of the author's mother completed almost 300 of these in less than 4 months.  How hard could it be?  After 2 autumns this is what I have

Instead of making a quilt in Halloween colours, I altered the palette to autumn colours.  I saw beautiful shades of colours in our autumn leaves ranging from purples, oranges, greens, scarlets and even blacks. All the blocks are on a black and white/cream shirting background.  There are 70 little blocks today:

I don't know how many more I can make.  I take my hat off to Leona, the mother.  I wish my mother was a patchworker.  Maybe she would help me out.  Another solution may be to use a 1" sashing between the blocks.  What do you think?

It would certainly be faster, but would it be better?


Una said...

Liz! I think the sashing makes it equally beautiful. It gives the eye somewhere to rest before moving on to the next lovely basket:) I love the sashing version! 70 blocks spells "what an acheivement" in my book;) Take care

Anonymous said...

Having now seen the sashed version I admit I like both! No help I know. Your little baskets are very, very nice, particularly like it that some have not-matching-handles.

Ann Marie said...

I like the sashing. I'm not sure it will be that much faster as it's still a lot of work!

Sharon said...

What about a 9 patch with the shirting fabric in the corners/center and use co-oridnated fabrics from the baskets. I love it either way, did you see Ann's baskets http://annchampion.com/ She used the dark in the corner of her 9 patches.
I LOVE this project! What an accomplishment to get 70 done.

Linda C said...

l have seen lots of these baskets blocks being made in blog land, and while l don't think there is any faster or better, it is different, and l for one quite like it!! My vote is go for the sashing.

Crispy said...

I'm voting for the sashing too, I love how the blocks float instead of being jumbled together :0)


Taryn said...

I like the sashing. Doing that many 1" pieces will be a lot of work but it will make yours different than others. I definitely like the sashing.

Kathie said...

wow I have to say I really like the baskets with the sashing, what a perfect fabric color choice too!
I have made many of these baskets too, I need about 30 more or so and the quilt will be done! guess I should get back to that!