Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two Types of Quilters

We all know there are two types of Quilters:
the practical, methodical self-controlled variety
the haphazard, procrastinating and perpetually disorganised.
No prizes for guessing which group I belong to.  I want to be part of the first group but I am genetically programmed to belong to the second.  I blame my mother (just because that is what people do).  My only satisfaction is that I believe my group is bigger.

Here  is a quilt I am almost finished.  All that is required is two more edges of binding to be sewn down and a label.  For your interest, it is a quilt started in a class with Jenny Rosalky at Quiltsmith from a Melbourne design.

So close to being finished,  yet it is numbered amongst my 38 plus unfinished quilts.  Some will never be snuggled under or gazed at fondly with satisfaction.
Hopefully this blog will encourage me to be more the first type of quilter than the second.

So, the first group finishes their quilts before embarking on new projects; never buys fat quarters "just in case"; have their patterns nicely filed; always know where their scissors, pins glasses etc are.  That is all I can say about the first group because I have never belonged.

The second group hatches new projects randomly (often with a feeling of self disgust); forever lose their scissors, pins, glasses and that special fussy cut whatever; buys more fabric than can be reasonably expected to be used in a lifetime.  I could go on and on but I feel more and more ashamed as I write.

Instead I am off to start project 39 - a quick quilt for a young friend who is expecting her first child (no we don't know what sex) in November.  I am thinking cot size but with my history I might make it big enough for a single bed.


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with being creative, and don't fight your genes, girl! If you're an "ideas type" - wonderful!! the world need more innovation!

But if you truely want to start finishing...write a list (in your quilt journal or make it public on your blog)- I LERVE lists - then, when you do finish something give it a big tick (or cross it off the list whatever works for you).

For OCD's like me there is enormous satisfaction in crossing things off lists (mind you - I also like adding to lists, so there you go!) :O)

Lori said...

I seem to fall somewhere in between.
I try and put everything back in it's place so I don't have to spend a long time looking for my tools! That's frustrating.

MariQuilts said...

I so love to call them works in progress rather than "unfinished".....whatevers. Do you suppose that the second group might actually be more creative? Whoops did I say that out loud. My brain is quite scattered...jumping back and forth from project to project seems to be a catylist for creativity. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.