Monday, August 23, 2010

Big stitches

So this is some of what I have been doing over the weekend.  This quilt is from Kaffe Fassett's book "Country Garden Quilts".  It is actually designed by Roberta Horton (p 104).  It's a great quilt, very simple in construction but tremendous eye catching appeal with its rainbow of colours.  I have been using 4 different thread colours  because I thought more colour won't harm but I worry that it may distract from the background.

My problem with previous attempts at big stitches was trying to put too many stitches on the needle at a time.  Now, I put one stitch on at a time and it seems to be going OK.  Of course, it is slower but the back of the quilt looks uniform, though unfortunately, the stitches are smaller.

It's ironic.  I have spent the best part of my quilting life trying to get small stitches and now, here I am trying to get big stitches.  The first day, the pad of my left  index finger just became a human pincushion.  I bought some oval plastic removeable protection that worked well...until I tried to remove it. Ouch!!! I swear some skins cells came off as well and since my finger was already tender I was not happy.  Luckily, after 4 more blocks of quilting my finger has toughened up somewhat and I no longer need extra protection. 

I think there may just some time for more quilting before dinner...


Anonymous said...

Really liking the look of this Liz, you've done quite a lot. Are you finding the bigger stitches faster?

When quilting the baby quilt recently, I found my stitches would gradually become smaller and smaller and I'd have to take them out and re-do bigger! Frustrating! Look forward to seeing more of your progress. Kate

Sharon said...

Wow, your stitches are so even. I just pulled ot my perl cottons this morning to use on a table runner. I like the big stitch for some things.

Lori said...

It looks really great!!!