Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello World!

Are there many feelings as good as finally basting a quilt top?
Like most quilters I have far too much fabric, far too many unfinished quilt tops as well as  quite a few unbasted  quilts - and that's not counting half quilted, unbound and even semi-bound quilts.
I often wish that when I go into a quilt shop I could buy a few fat quarters , some thread and "three hours".  Wouldn't it be grand to have 3 hours where no one expects a lift somewhere, dinner or to be taken for a walk.
Here is a photo of my latest basting, done courtesy of the Sharon Schamber U-Tube link.  It made my day even better


Anonymous said...

Hello my friend! Congratulations on your first post.
Hey....I saw that basting video too, but I 'm sure there was thread and stiches involved as opposed to pins. So, it worked out well ? and how is it that you had some spare timber lying around the house?
Look forward to following your quilting journey.

Una said...

What a brilliant idea - to purchase some quilting time along with the fabrics:D Your quilt looks beautiful! I am also going to check in from time to time:)

Barb said...

I love your big stitches.I have been considering this to finish dresses on an angel quilt ....a UFO...that has been quilted evrywhere but the skirts.I must also put a blog together but don't know how ..Yet! Glad to be a follower I'm the faceless one.