Monday, August 30, 2010

what do you see?

Last week, when I was meant to be sewing I was out and about.  This is what I saw.  After reading some books with design suggestions I remembered  to take my camera around with me to capture images and patterns that appealed to me.  I don't know if it is the colour, the horizontal stripes or the quirkiness of the arrangement that spoke to me most.  Can you guess what it is? Here is a different angle.

That's right.  Prawns, or,  as our American friends call them, shrimp.  They were beautifully arranged at the fish markets.   Here is another photo from the same counter.

The arrangement of oysters was also attractive.  Perhaps I just like the symmetry, or perhaps the fact that none of the above is kosher.  Somehow the salmon didn't appeal, although I did go home with some.

It was a big weekend but not in a  needle and thread kind of way.  On Sunday afternoon I attended a Becky Goldsmith lecture at Quiltsmith  Becky is part of the  Piece O'Cake legend and lucky, us she is currently in Australia.   She was a most generous speaker and gave us insight into her design process.
Here she is after the lecture discussing her new fabric designs due out in  January, 2011.

 Finally, Becky turned and was kind enough to pose for this photo.  Hope you like it Becky!
Come back soon, Becky!

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Kathie said...

how lucky were you to be able to take a class with becky!
would love to see the start of your project!