Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Stitches, Big Ideas

Hand quilting creates its own little oasis of calm and solitude.  I have been quietly quilting my red and white quilt, contemplating, amongst other things, a name for this baby. 

The straight lines are 1/2" apart.  Originally I intended cross hatching, but I think the quilting will be dense enough without that.  In fact there is so much quilting in the white squares that feathered circle isn't very clear. 

On my first circle (top right) I even did some 1/4" cross hatching in the centre.  I've left it in for your interest only and will now undo it.  Sometimes there can be too much quilting.  I never thought I'd say that since I am from the school of more-is-more in the quilting department.

On another front, quilterie has been the recipient of a couple of sweet and generous gifts.

In the foreground is a small magnetic case for pins and needles.  It was a surprise present from Jane for no particular reason.  Gifts like these are the best of all; unexpected and generous.  It means someone has been thinking of you.  Thanks Jane! 

Beneath and behind the needle case are 3 half yards of solids from Sharon and a lovely card.  Sharon wants to make sure my Year of the Solids is not stymied by lack of fabric!  Equally unexpected and equally generous.  Thank you so much Sharon.

Now the plan is to go off and cut some fabric for an Amish style quilt top.  I hope I have something to show you later.


Maureen said...

Oh, I just love everything about this quilt. I'm so glad you are hand quilting it and I like what you are doing. Isn't it nice to have friends!

Carol G said...

You are really making great progress on quilting your red and white. The feathers from your own template look really good but I agree, the cross-hatching is not needed. And what lovely surprises you received. You have some very thoughtful followers!

Sujata Shah said...

Your hand quilting looks beautiful!
naming a quilt is fun isn't it? I enjoy it too.
After visiting the Esprit Collection in Lancaster I am tempted to make an Amish quilt too. The hand quilting was amazing! I posted some pictures on my blog. Check them out.

regan said...

Your R&W is fabulous! And I really love the quilting you are doing. It's perfect!

Dawn said...

Thank you for sharing the wonderful progress on your quilt! It is an awesome piece - and I admire you for hand quilting it.
Enjoyed seeing your gifts - good to know you have friends near to look after you. Looking forward to seeing more in this year of the solids.

Lori said...

YOur quilt is beautiful and I love the quilting!!

Janet O. said...

Liz, this is a wonderfully simple little quilt. You are doing a beautiful job quilting--very dense! Wow! I'm impressed!!
When is the little one due?

YankeeQuilter said...

beautiful hand quilting...and really like the two solid colors you were sent! Will they be in your Amish inspired quilt?

Kathie said...

Oh I love the way your quilting the red and white quilt, just beautiful. The solids look great, oh one can never have enough of those colors :)
I love the magnetic case for pins and needles I have never seen anything like that.
ah yes nothing better then surprises in the mail!
so can't wait to see the amish inspired quilt in progress soon?

Julie Fukuda said...

The only time I tried cross-hatching I took it out too. I love the way this is turning out.

Nicky said...

It looks fabulous ! What name have you decided on?

My daughter would call it ruby something as she wants to have a daughter named Ruby (she is just 11)and I'm hoping it's a few years yet!

Janet said...

I love how the quilting is looking on the red and white. Sometimes feathers don't show as well on cotton batting which It looks like you're using. You have some lovely generous quilting buddies, how kind they are.

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Yippee....hand quilting and red/white!! What could be better??? I quietly/slowly quilted on one for about a month and the longer I went on it the more I knew I would probable never finish it if I didn't take it all out and change the batting...it was sooooo hard to needle.....and so I did....now it is back to a flimsy. I am going to be much happier with it now!!

That Sharon is a sweetie isn't she! So kind and always helpful and generous with any questions you have for her!

Rose Marie said...

Your r/w quilt is gorgeous and once washed, your quilt will have that lovely old fashioned look! I'm jealous!

Karen said...

I am hand quilting a red & white quilt. Yours is beautiful.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Liz. I agree with the above--there's nothing like a red and white quilt and yours fits in the tradition!
best, nadia