Monday, October 24, 2011

Old, not Antique

There is  family history in this photo.

My grandmother had the sole distribution of these little gadgets in the UK after the second world war.  They are needle threaders and I associate them with memories of her.  Long before I knew what they were,  I remember seeing bundles of them around  her house.

I confess that I have never used one, even now.  My mother came across a last little
box and felt nostalgic.  The instructions are in German, English, Italian, French and perhaps a Scandinavian language and Dutch.  I can't be sure of the last two.  But all bases were covered because if you didn't read any of the above languages, there are pictures as well.

Particularly useful is the plastic spool holder.

One of my favourite lines is instruction #4.  "Lift needle and it will be threaded, as if by magic."

If the background looks familiar it is an unfinished quilt top from Lori's quiltalong to make "Cheddar Cheese and Crackers way back in early 2010.  Lori gave instructions for a small quilt and I not only increased the size of the block, but also the number of blocks.  Not so smart since mine is still waiting to be finished.  Anyway, there are now lots of nice versions, finished.

At the recent Pearl Beach craft show there were a few  bargains to be had including this book for $1.

The flash has partially obscured the author's name - Beth Gutcheon and the book was reprinted in 1976.

Also at Pearl Beach, I caught sight of an asylum seeker.  Knowing Australians don't celebrate Thanksgiving I wonder how far this creature has travelled.

Just joking.  Actually, it's a bush turkey and a whole colony has set themselves up  at Pearl Beach.

Finally, I know I set the date of the giveaway as this Friday, but as the interest has settled I think it will be OK to announce the winner today.  Congratulations JulieQ. I will contact you to get a mailing address.  Those who didn't win the Kaye England pattern can buy one from her website Search under books and DVDs.

I hope you all get in some quality sewing time this week.


Janet O. said...

What a fun little piece of Grandma memorabilia! I just used a small needle threader for the first time. My Mom broke her arm, but was trying to still do a little applique, but couldn't get her needle threaded. I happened to drop by and she asked me to do it, but I didn't have my reading glasses, so she offered me her needle threader. I finally figured it out. It wasn't nearly as fancy as what your Grandma sold!
As I was not blogging in 2010 I am not aware of Lori's cheddar and crackers QAL, but that is the second mention of it I have seen recently. I'm going to have to go look it up.
Love the turkey shot!
Congrats to JulieQ!

Dawn said...

I have some Guetcheon fabrics in my stash and can barely cut them. I put a piece in a project now and then. Great needle threader, and even better family history with it.
Your cheddar project looks like fun!

Maureen said...

And I thought those fancy needle threaders were a new thing! That's really neat.
I've only done one of Lori's quiltalongs and have thought about going back and doing the other two. Enlarging it isn't a bad idea. Will we see more of it soon?
Great deal on the book. The name is familiar, but not her work.
I've never seen a turkey at the beach!
Congrats to JulieQ.

Julie Fukuda said...

I'm a sucker for things with a touch of history.
Thaat turkey looks as though he needs the holiday at the beach.

Kathie said...

the book was the bible in its day from what I understand! hope you will give a review of it after you read it!
lucky turkey its living there and not here :)
Isn't it great to have a piece of family history...

Carol G said...

So cool that you still have one of your grandmother's needle threaders. And what a great bargain you got on that book!