Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Modern Quilting

Recently I had 2 quilts machine quilted by Adri.  She did such a special job for me.  Adri follows my blog and read how much I liked my border fabric on the simple rectangular quilt.  She is a super computer whizz and somehow "digitized" the pattern from the fabric and transferred it to an all-over pattern for the quilt.

I hope Adri doesn't mind me telling you that when she starts speaking  technical computerese  I lose track  almost immediately.  But the  result speaks for itself.  The backing fabric I used here is also one of my favourites.  I will show off the whole quilt when the binding gets around to putting itself on.

 Nicky asked me  to show a close up of Adri's customized quilting for the second quilt.  Look at these blocks.  Aren't they amazing?

Last Saturday was the inaugural meeting of the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild.  Women (where are Sydney's modern quilt men?) came from all over Sydney to meet for the first time.  There were the usual suspects as well as a whole new contingent of quilters, including 2 junior members, both under one year old.

Defining a "modern quilter" took a bit of time and in the end it was left open.  Is a modern quilter someone who embraces new techniques, technology etc or is it someone who makes liberated quilts; or does it refer to a particular style of simple, clean quilts?  If you know the answer, please leave a comment.

 A  few brave souls brought along some show and tell.

Looking at some of these lovely samples, I wondered if the definition of a modern quilter is reflected by this.

Apologies to the quiltmakers.  We were wearing labels, but I didn't write down the names of the ladies responsible for these two quilts.  I am looking forward to participating in our new guild.  I think it is a welcome addition for Sydney's quilters.


Meredith said...

Your quilt is very pretty, love the basket photo. Sorry I do not know anything about modern quilting.

Janet O. said...

Gorgeous quilting! I laughed at the comment about losing track when she speaks computerese. I can relate to that.
Will you watch while the binding gets around to putting itsself on? I'd like to hear how that works! : )

Maureen said...

Gorgeous quilting! I look forward to the entire unveiling.
I recently learned about The Modern Quilt Guild. It was described as young people (who don't want to join the greyhairs) and use fabric from designers like Amy Butler. I thought about this and decided the group wouldn't last very long because they would one day become greyhairs too! I googled it and you can find out more at themodernquiltguild.com. Click on about us.

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! Thank you so much for your lovely blog! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!

Nicky said...

Thanks for the close up - had to zoom in a bit closer yet ! Love the detail and the variety! Really shows off your quilt!

I think you are modern if you think you are! All the new ideas are variations on old ideas after all...