Monday, October 3, 2011

Loose threads

 After finishing another  block from the Beyond the Cherry Trees Album quilt  I did the right thing and soaked my applique.  Little did I expect the purples to run and I was dismayed to discover that the colour catcher didn't seem to work for purple.  I removed the offending "grape" and was rather disgruntledly preparing to cover the stain with 2 over sized grapes.   Meanwhile, the block was left to soak overnight with the colour catcher.  All of the purple stain vanished so now I know to allow things to soak in water for extended periods.  I challenge you to find the colour run.

The week has been packed with non quilty activity, including hosting a dinner for 14 on Wednesday.

However, I did manage to fit in a machine quilting class with Kim Bradley at Quiltsmith.  It was a wonderful, relaxed class with Kim who proved to be a great teacher.  She was extremely encouraging and advised 10 minutes of machine quilting a day to improve skill.  So I did what I was told and here is a picture of my 10 minutes practice the day after the class.

I have been neglecting my traditional quilting in favour of big stitches and now machine quilting.  It was no surprise to discover my fine stitching skills were very rusty.  I pulled out a large semi-quilted, mainly applique quilt started in 2003.  It is a Karen Cunningham design that she published in a magazine. 

 This spring long weekend in Sydney has been like winter -wet and cold.  It was the perfect opportunity to rediscover my hand quilting.


Marié said...

Your applique is lovely- glad the "problem" dissolved overnight. We do not have the colour catching sheets in South Africa.

Janet O. said...

I get a knot in my stomach when something like that happens on a project. Good thing it was an easy fix.
I just took my first machine quilting class this weekend. My sample looks like a two-year-old at play compared to yours!
Beautiful applique quilt with gorgeous stitching. That one deserves a finish so that it can be seen and appreciated!

Kathie said...

beautiful block, I love the fabric choices, especially the urn.
wow!!!! I would have never thought to use that fabric, perfect!
I have two big quilts I need to finish hand quilting I will work on a little quilt first to get my rhythm going again, I know what you mean its hard to start right back up again even after a month of not hand quilting.
Same thing with machine they say practice, practice, practice!

Maureen said...

Your applique is beautiful on both pieces. I keep thinking I will start something like this. Not sure why I keep putting it off. I obviously don't know enough about it though - why do you have to soak the block?
That's a very inviting table. Hope it went well.
Good going with the machine quilting.

Nicky said...

I always feel a bit sick in the pit of my stomach when I hear stories about colour runs - so glad you work survived! Your machine quilting is great but your hand quilting is outstanding Liz! Get back to it quick! Just try for a little bit at a time 'cos you must finish this beauty!

MJinMichigan said...

Aren't color catchers one of the best inventions ever? I've heard so many stories about quilts they've saved but I'd never heard to soak for an extended time with one. Thanks for that tip.
Do you remember which magazine the Karen Cunningham quilt was in? It looks like a beauty and I'd love to see the full design. I have lots of old Australian quilting magazines and would like to see if I have that one.

Carol G said...

So glad your extended soak fixed the purple bleed. Both your appliques are really great. Love the striped stems in the Karen Cunningham.

Janet said...

I love colour catchers, they've saved things for me too so I don't worry too much at runs, I've always managed to get them out. You block is beautiful and so so is the Karen Cunningham quilt. Lucky you doing a class with Kim, she's a lovely lady.