Thursday, December 2, 2010

36 Hours in Melbourne

This week I was in Melbourne for 36 hours.  For non Aussies, Melbourne is pronounced "Mel bun".  Weird, eh? but if you say it like that, it will demonstrate your worldliness, particularly to Australians. Here are my photos
and a close up
The quilt is a decorator prop in a store and that is why there are items of clothing scattered around.  My next photo was of a wonderfully decorated cupcake but it must have been too much.  After only 2 snaps, my camera battery gave up.  You will have to imagine how beautiful it was.

I love blogland.
I love how you see so many wonderful quilts and get terrific technical tips.
I love how we virtually meet up with quilters from around the world to exchange ideas and points of view.
But I love it best when I actually get to meet someone from blogland.

24 hours into my "Mel bun" trip I met Linda from the well known Quilts in the Barn.  If you haven't visited, I suggest you rush right over to see her blog (but come back to me afterwards, won't you?).
Sadly, the camera was out of action, so you will just have to take my word that she is a classy lady with plenty of style.  Linda, it was a pleasure to meet you.

We went on a personalized shop hop.  When I say personalized, well a shop with patchwork fabric was the only requirement.  And somehow, without me quite realizing it,  I came home with this

Lots of gorgeous fabric, some of it with no project in mind.  Best of all was the fat quarter in the foreground.  When I unwrapped it, I discovered a beautiful gift from my new quilting pal

Two handmade coasters, meticulously made.  Thank you again, Linda for a lovely day spent together.  I look forward to returning the favour when you come to visit in Sydney.


Crispy said...

I never realized the proper pronunciation, I'll try to remember if I ever get the chance to visit Australia LOL. Of course I will stick out as a visitor because of my Yankey accent LOL.

Oooo the fabrics are wonderful. Shopping with a new friend always helps increase the amount bought :0)


Rachaeldaisy said...

Hello, I've come via Lindas blog. Sounds like you had a fun day. You're so right that blogland is wonderful for making friends. The little coasters are beautiful. What a speacial surprise.

Julia said...

I LOVE much to see and do there..

Great little coasters..
Julia ♥

Sharon said...

Sounds like you have had a wonderful day and made a new friend. I love Linda's blog and the quilt show she had, well, just look at the $$ she raised for breast cancer, a big shout out to her. Nice new fabrics you've brought home. And what a charming gift. Bloggers rock!

Alice said...

I'm in Melbourne on holiday - I would love to know which shops you visited.