Saturday, November 27, 2010

Going in Circles

In September, 2007 I started a project in a class with Carolyn Konig, a Victorian based teacher.  It was a 9 block Georgetown Square.  About February, 2010 I came to the conclusion that 9 blocks were too ambitious.  Lots of curved piecing (even by hand) doesn't pull me in.  I already had 4 blocks so the quilt was revised to a 5 block, on point design with a green spot sashing.  Much more manageable.  November, 2010 revealed not much movement on this project.

Back to the design wall.

Perhaps a 4 block setting with a flying geese sashing would be nice.

Actually no.  8 flying geese in, I decided not to use them.  They are now waiting for a project to go around them.  Instead I went with this

My apologies for the crinkled look but I don't want to iron these little b...abies until they are completely secured by borders.  Working with curved pieces also means working with "off the grain" patches.  It took 2 years to choose a centre for the blocks and in the meantime the stars distorted.  I have reworked 3 out of the 4 central circles and will soon do the final one.  Now this project is becoming more manageable.  A suitable  border and it will be complete (except for quilting, ha!).
Click on the photo to get an idea of the sashing.

I certainly don't want it to end up in the unloved category because it will have been left too long.

Like this one.
I didn't realise how purple it became.  Now it is called "The Purple Quilt".  Can you tell I have no feelings for it?  Nevertheless, it is one less on my list to do.  Head over to this blog to see what else I've been working on.


Linda C said...

l like where you are going with this quilt. You hve such interesting fabrics. Those flying geese are pretty cute too. l look forward to seeing what you do with them.

Julie Fukuda said...

I wonder why they call something round "Georgetown Square"? The four you did are pretty amazing with those fussy-cut pieces, and such great fabric choices too. Yes, your fans await the next installment.

Sara said...

The Georgetown Squares are lovely. If you have no feelings towards the purple quilt, send it my way. I'll put it with the purple and green quilt I made myself and it will be loved! ;)

The Quilted Finish ph 02 63310084 said...

The Georgetown Square is a favorite of mine, I'd like to make it one day.
The sashing you've chosen is really interesting, I like it. Thanks for posting a picture of the "The Purple Quilt" I love the colours and the border is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Gee Liz, You've been hiding the Georgetown squares away. They are lovely! That sashing is pretty amazing. Great work!

Crispy said...

I love the circle blocks and since you are out of love with this project too, your solution is excellent :0) The Purple Quilt is very purple LOL. Ok, so what is the whole name of the Mary quilt? Is it the Mary Brown one or Mary Simon?


Crispy said...

Oh, there's the Mary Mannakee one too LOL.


Lori said...

I love your circle blocks!!! The sashing is wonderful too!!

vintagelook said...

Hi Liz, I am now a follower ! I found you! Love the blog, I am getting used to it all now and may even start one up myself. See you on the 12th at the scary hotel. Lindy