Saturday, November 20, 2010

Two Bindings and a Quilt

This week saw a lot of snatched time sewing a baby quilt that is winging its way to Finland as I write

I used my walking foot to quilt in the ditch and just continued on with the pattern on the white background.  I have just bought a book on free motion quilting and one day I hope to be more creative.  Until then, this will do nicely.  The magical plastic container full of thirties 1.5" strips seems to be as full as ever.  It featured when I posted about "Muffet's Way" a quilt with hundreds of thirties strips.  So it seems as if there is enough material for another project to emerge from this box soon.

If you look closely at the binding of this quilt, you may notice that it is 1" short.  At 11.30 last night I knew the quilt shop would be shut so I just went ahead and used a "different but similar" fabric.  This is a PATCHWORK quilt after all.

My husband refers to this part of the quilt as "the dog" - in a nice way.  He is in my good books even though he dropped my tin of  pins all over the floor.  As soon as it happened he raced off to his shed and returned with this
It is not an antenna, although I suppose it could double as one.  It has a magnetized end that quickly picked up the pins.  Not a new idea, I know, but I can't help but think I may be able to match Karen for nifty suggestions, by revealing that he bought it at a car parts shop!  And it was cheap.  Apparently men regularly drop screws and screwdrivers and other metallic bits down into the engine of their cars.

Finally, I come to the second binding.  I took the binding off  the old and loved quilt.  There has been lots of fading
I patched the damaged border and replaced the binding.  I even put on a label.


Nancy said...

This quilt is beautiful. I love the way you quilted it. Very nice.

Michele said...

I think the quilting totally matches the style of the quilt - nice, clean, simple lines. It's wonderful!

Fabric Fanatic said...

Liz I just saw this quilt on the Quilter Blogs feed and love the simplicity of it. Is there a pattern you worked from or did you make it up?
Could you share name of pattern or where I might purchase it. I want to make one of these in Turquoise and Orange (a little

Julia said...

Beautiful quilt Liz, so fresh and clean looking..
I'm sure no one will take notice that the binding was different..
Love it.
Julia ♥

Sharon said...

Love the baby quilt, you did a fantastic job on this. I think the quilting is perfect for the piecing design. Free motion is fun, but straight lines are sometimes exactly what the quilt needs. A lucky recipient.

Anonymous said...

Dear Liz,
we are just sitting in the kitchen with Leo. The quilt is amazing! Thak you for it! Have a few fotos of the baby with the quilt arriving to Oz with Leo. Lumi is sleeping beside us, with the quilt on her for warmth, it's -11 Celcius outside.
Minna really appreciates it, she is a elementary school teacher, but also teaches textile and design. Thank you for the quilt again!!!!
Love, Ville, Minna, Lumi, Hanna and Timo

Anonymous said...

Grandma Hanna from Finland, where it is minus 14deg C at the moment, sends her greetings from this freezing country and a HUGE THANK YOU for this wonderful quilt! It is a beautiful piece of crafts"man"ship and will be cherished for ever! The colors are fresh and look fabulous on the white background! Very suitable for little baby Lumi, aged 10weeks!

Marit said...

I immediately fell in love with your pretty zig zag quilt - it's so lovely!
; )

Lurline said...

I Keep trying - divine quilt! Hugs - Lurline♥