Monday, December 13, 2010

Wearing my Detective Cap

I've been following Wonkyworld quite closely in recent days.  He has an album quilt that is remarkable, particularly for its dense quilting.  Back in 1996, I made a Piecemakers Calendar quilt that I echo quilted

around a few of the blocks.

For complicated reasons I can't  show you the whole quilt

but here are 3 of the 12 blocks.  If you haven't seen Bill's quilt at Wonkyworld, you won't be disappointed by visiting his blog.

On another note, I have picked up the project that Faye has been working on.  I hadn't sewn anything on it for quite some time and when I decided to do a few more blocks, I wasn't sure which background homespun I had previously used.  Fortunately, I had a piece of background with its  selvedge  and a applique  block.  Luckily for me it was just a matter of comparing the little hole pattern made on the selvedge from the manufacturing process.  Now I have written on the pattern AND  on the fabric in case it takes a few more years to get back to this project.

I hope that if you click on the photo you will see that the fabric on the roll matches the fabric with the applique.

Finally, I thought I'd share with you a quilt that took a long time between start and finish.  It is a blue "Seven Sisters" pattern and I made it hard because every single blue patch is from a different fabric.
 There are 18 full blocks and 6 half blocks on this quilt and it is hand pieced.

As you can imagine I have a big stash of blues now.  I had this quilt machine quilted because I didn't want to attempt to hand quilt the white-on-white fabric.  I don't know for sure but I bet it would have increased resistance because of the paint.  This quilt now lives with my niece and her husband.

While it looks like I haven't been particularly busy, there is a new block #4 over at the cherry tree group and I have machined pieced a further 10 blocks and only have 34 more to go!


Anonymous said...

I made the same quilt and you know I sold it, wish I hadn't still love it.


Kathie said...

love that quilt just sisters pattern I have always loved.
oh great tip on the fabric background write it on the pattern what your using! I have to admit to that happening to me a few times as well!

Crispy said...

What a great idea to mark the background fabric, I'll have to remember that great tip. The echo quilting is amazing!! What a lot of work went into that!! The Seven Sisters block is in my EQ To Do file, I hope to do it some day :0)


Sharon said...

This is amazing, it's beautiful.

quiltalina said...

Wow, that's 882 blue fabrics. Your blues are bigger than my entire stash! Beautiful quilt.