Thursday, November 11, 2010

Progressing Backwards

Do you ever have periods where nothing feels right?  I have been making hexagons and my wrist doesn't like it.  I turned to the hexagons because my #2 Cherry Tree block is giving me a headache.   If you know the pattern, you're probably thinking I get headaches pretty easily.  It's a simple pattern and here is where I am up to:
I am going to undo some of the leaves to get a nicer join with the stem.  My fault.  I used freezer paper and decided it didn't matter which shaped leaf went where.  My red leaves on the right are too bulky at the stem junction compared with the green leaves below.  So I want to adjust them.  But not today.  Does that happen to you?  The disappointment of getting things wrong often pushes a current project into the cupboard.  Luckily Sharon set up a  blog and I won't put it in the cupboard for too long.  It won't be alone because it will be with #1
Here is something else that has made it into the temporary cupboard because of my bad mood
There are 3 borders on and the 4th will have to wait.  The photo isn't very good however I hope you have noticed that I lined up the pattern of the border nicely.  But it takes a good mood to get that right, so I'm not chancing it and mucking up the final border.  And so, into the cupboard.
I have a little project up on the design wall for a baby quilt required by next Saturday (ha!)
Do you recognize the little strips left over from a previous project?  I thought I would use them in log cabins but they will do nicely here.  And it's quick.  Here is a snap of the spiderweb quilt
I have named it "Muffet's Way".  I don't have a picture of the entire quilt.  It is taking a summer holiday away from home, but will return next year.

So this is a post with plenty of photos but not much progress.  I wondered whether I should share my bad mood with you but I do have a button on my sidebar declaring "I took the Process pledge"  and that process also includes backwards progress as well as forwards.  I know I will wake up tomorrow feeling better and I hope that includes my aching hand.


Julie Fukuda said...

Oh poor Liz! I give you permission to count backward progress as progress. If your hand hurts you'd better give it a rest. I am very bossy today and I give you permission to take a break. (that's what happens after a day of teaching)

Lori said...

I think your block looks just fine the way it is!!

Crispy said...

It's ok Liz, we all have days where we go backwards more than forwards. It always happens to me when I applique.


taylorsoutback said...

I agree - your block progress is looking good...but also understand the frustration and discomfort with the is always good (an a cortisone shot last Friday has helped my own hand...hoping to start the #2 block this weekend.)

Sharon said...

I completely understand your issues with block 2. OK, I've always been taught, and have taught, to make a pattern template from the original pattern and I use the vinyl overlay. From that I trace my freezer paper templates and continue. With block #2, I traced one leave and thought they were all the same size. They would be on a pattern drafted out today, but she is tracing the original quilt and EVERY piece on this thing is different. Faye and I think more than one person worked on this quilt. So after starting block #2, I put things in reverse, regrouped, and moved forward. Lesson learned, no more blocks until I make a proper template pattern...even though I"ve traced out a bunch of blocks already. I will double check every one of them before going forward. Love the baby quilt, it's so fresh and fun!

Kathie said...

OH Liz I love those leaves in this block
how did you sew all those strips together that little and reduce the seam allowance?did I miss that post? those scrappy leaves are wonderful, reminds me of the susan mccord vine quilt.
Yes this is the weekend for me to finally start the Cherry Tree quilt