Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dumpster diving

  On my way home from the fabric shop I had to stop off at the hardware store.  In the large "wheelie" bin outside someone had thrown out this basket:
My fat quarter collection was teetering on its shelf and needed a new home.  This could be a possible solution.   The blue and white fabric was very grubby and wouldn't improve with soaking in lots of chemicals.  I knew where I could find some fabric for a new liner.  Half an hour later, the basket was cleaned and a new liner inserted.
Another trip to the fabric shop and a slight addition.  This would send my daughters' kitsch-o-meter into the stratosphere but I didn't care.  Now the basket is ready for a useful life again and I am off to do some real sewing.


Julie Fukuda said...

Very nice! Now, does the size of the basket limit the size of your collection of fabric or, on the other hand, will you have to buy more to keep it filled to this level?

Adri said...

Nice! I love the little ball things too. :)

Crispy said...

How fun is that!! I love your new liner and your fat quarters look VERY happy in there :0)


Sharon said...

Super cute, I like the kitch!