Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Questions only, no answers.

When Barbara Brackman first started her weekly block downloads I was encouraged to join in by Janet.   She powered on.  So too did Kate.  I got distracted when I had thirteen blocks under my belt.
Other things called, until the book was published.  Armed with a copy of the book I started again

But I decided to do the quilterie setting.  So instead of approximately 52 blocks, there was an extra 52 courthouse steps blocks and setting triangles.

The top is now basted and on the end of an ever increasing list of quilts to be hand quilted.  I have only hand quilted one sampler - my very first quilt and I thought it would be fun to quilt each individual block differently.  I am not sure how I will do the courthouse steps blocks.  Suggestions welcomed.

Being an Australian, I deleted some of the more overtly American blocks.  That sounds ridiculous considering it is a Civil War sampler but I would imagine that non-Australian quilters would do the same making a pattern that involves emus, kangaroos and other identifiably Australian  motifs.  Is that right? or have I got it completely wrong? 

I avoid fabrics with the American flag, too.  But then I wouldn't use fabric with an Australian flag either.

I caught this little vignette in Hyde Park. 

The dog could actually walk in the shoes but I asked its owner to hold it up so I could get a better shot of it.   I don't know whether to think how lucky it is or call the RSPCA.


Dawn said...

That is real, really a fantastic setting. Really striking. When I saw the picture it grabbed me right away! Well done.
Dog shoes, well...the little fur ball seems to love them.

Julie Fukuda said...

I like how you are doing that quilt "Your Way". I rather imagine the blocks will let you know how they want to be quilted.
Nikko thinks that doggie is a wimp and NO ONE is ever going to lay a hand ... let alone shoes ... on her feet!

Karen said...

I like the setting you have used for the blocks. I have not made even one block though I have the book.

gi quilt said...

The setting you have picked for your Barbara Brackman quilt is very striking. It allows the eyes to rest a bit. I liked the blocks u picked, too. I am from the USA and sometimes we get a little Americana in our quilts. Also read your next post about the hourglass blocks had not thought of all fabrics coming together in the corner before.