Thursday, November 6, 2014

An Afternoon's Play

For some reason I hand quilt only at night in front of the television.  So even though I have an almost impossible deadline mentioned in my previous post,  I still can't force myself to sit down and work on the border quilting during the day.  Beside, it has been unseasonably hot and sitting under a quilt during the heat seems like madness.

So that is how I found myself pulling out a very old project.  It started with the left overs from this quilt. 

The fabric is for the most part from the "Charisma" range designed by Chez Moi for Moda. It's so old I can't remember when it was released.  Possibly 2006.

The blocks are 14" square.  I made a couple of them in early 2010 trying to construct blocks from  jelly rolls.  Even though I had yardage, I cut strips 2.5" wide.  

I still had the sashing fabric, a white on white pattern and before I knew it, there were 6 blocks, then 12.

My "Charisma" stash doesn't seem to grow any smaller.  There will be enough to make an interesting border and a reasonable sized quilt.

Only after putting this post together and previewing it did I realize that I put the middle row, bottom blocks together in the wrong places.  It won't take much to rectify that.  Just a couple of seams and a free afternoon.

 I'll leave you with a funny sign I came across this afternoon.

I hope it made you smile too.


Janet O. said...

So am I correct in gathering that this is an original block design? It is very clever. Going to be a great quilt!

Yes, the sign made me smile--more of a grin, actually. : )

The Quilted Finish ph 02 63310084 said...

I did get a giggle from the note to Dear Diet, delightful.
Your quilt top is lovely. that is such a pretty fabric range.

Cardygirl said...

I remember that fabric, was it about 2007/8? Looks good, love the sign!

audrey said...

I can only seem to quilt late in the evening myself.:) Love the Dear Diet sign--how perfect is that?

Janet said...

It's so hard to quilt in summer here anyway, I think it's a winter sport for me. Good for you getting back to that quilt, looks great. Thanks for the giggle this morning.

Dawn said...

This winter I am planning on some books do CD to quilt with. Worked for me mornings last winter.
How wonderful to play with fabric and end up with those great 12 blocks!