Monday, January 9, 2012

Summer Fun

The  Australian  long summer coincides with extended school holidays and lazy days with family and friends.  The cities are relatively deserted as everyone heads off to their holiday destination.

Quilterie has been entertaining and not much sewing or blogging has occurred here.  But I couldn't miss the last opportunity to link up with all the other detectives who have been trying to solve the "Mystery of Orca Bay".

 The quilt has an 8 X 7 block setting and I have sewn 8 X 4 so far.  It's going to be a big quilt and it already has a name: "Red Herring".

I'd like to thank Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville for leading us all on a merry chase.  I learned a lot and enjoyed doing the mystery as a virtual group and soon I hope to have a new top ready for quilting.  I can highly recommend doing the next mystery, although, Bonnie, if you are reading: please can you begin the fun at a less busy time of the year!!

Regarding my solid challenge I haven't got much further than washing my red fabric.  I'm not much of a washer, really.  I usually get my fabric home from the shop and  eagerly  cut straight into it.  But knowing how much red colour can run, I thought I'd be sensible and soak the yardage.

After a few minutes it appeared that the dye was  stable.  However  I got distracted and left the fabric to soak for a couple of hours.  On my return I found the water a pink colour! Who knew to leave the fabric to soak for extended time?   I suppose you all did and just forgot to tell me.  Well, now after a second long soak and a wash in the machine fingers crossed it won't bleed any more.


Carol G said...

Your Red Herring is wonderful. Love the colors. So is your first solid quilt inspired by last year's Red and White show in New York?

YankeeQuilter said...

Your mystery quilt is coming along great!

Janet O. said...

Are the "Dye Catcher" products available to you? To be on the safe side many quilters throw a couple in when washing a quilt containing colors of questionable stability, even if the fabrics were prewashed.
I can't do the mysteries when Bonnie posts them--way too hectic (besides, I don't do mysteries). But she explains that is the only time she can keep up with all of the questions she gets during the mysteries, because she is home for a month during the holidays, and that is the only time she is home that long.
Your quilt looks wonderful! I love how much it changes when people do it in their own colorway.

Dawn said...

The thmbnail of your Red Herring sparkles! I think this is my year to 'see' lime greens.

Gearing up for a -solids- project sounds like a ggod plan!

Sharon said...

Love your Red Herring. Due to the time of year, I don't start those projects, but i've got her 2009 mystery prject cut out and it's my new years project. I cut right into my red, threw caution in the wind and started the blocks for Just Takes 2.
Have fun with your solids this year.

LuAnn said...

I really like the way you changed the colors on the Orca Bay. Looks like you will finish soon!

Julie Fukuda said...

I can't believe how many people actually kept up with the mystery quilt in such a busy season. Yours is terrific!

Helen in the UK said...

Your Orca Bay looks wonderful. I'm only making a smaller size and although all bits are now made, none are joined together yet :)

Crispy said...

LOVE how your mystery quilt came out!! Very pretty.


Leigh said...

I love your colours, but did you mean to have the green string blocks going the 'wrong' way? If they are rotated then a secondary pattern will be made with the 'wing' triangles, like a diagonal chain. Have a look at others quilts to see what I mean.

InGa said...

I stumbeled on your blog inside another bloggfriends blogg. ;-)
I'm sitting in Malmoe, and you in Sidney. Small world?
Red Herring looks very nice, and I will follow your blog to see it turned into a quilt.
best regards

Nicky said...

Looking lovely the red herring!