Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Basket Case

Going to and from my sewing group I usually drag my 12" round basket with me.

It's a useful size, deep enough for more than I need.  Looks good, is light and I can grab it easily.  I am fond of it.   Here's the problem.  It has no lid.  That is OK moving from one room to another.  But it doesn't sit in my car so well.  I'm not saying I'm a bad driver, but occasionally the traffic stops abruptly and my basket and its contents are flung wildly around the car. 

My mother came up with a nice solution for me

It is a cute little box (with lid) that reminds me of my primary school sewing box from more than 40 years ago.   It came as a little carry-all for potions and creams.  I think it is now far more useful than it was originally!

Unfortunately at 10"x8" it is too small for my new pincushion!  Thank you,  Janet for thinking of me.  It will be my stay-at- home pincushion.

In front of the gorgeous pincushion are 10 blocks waiting for  a border.  20 more brothers and sisters have to be produced and then I will have finished the top of my version of Karen Cunningham's  "New England Fall" started 2006.  Hopefully I will show you the completed top next post.


Julie Fukuda said...

I think finding the right container for things is an art. I see a lot of nice bags people have made but I hate digging around in the bottom of bags for something I thought was there. Even with pockets it is hard to remember which thing is in which pocket. Antique Japanese sewing boxes are great but hardly for carry-along work.
I think I would be tempted to add a cover to the basket. Await next pictures.

Fran said...

My husband bought me a Remington ammunition box, I think at Wal-mart. Check them out, they have a nice tray that lifts out and a fairly deep compartment. They aren't too pretty, but it works great for me for my sew-in 'tool' box.

Carol G said...

Wow, you are really attacking the UFO's. Looking forward to your next post.

Janet O. said...

Very pretty little sewing box. Nice of Mom!
What a fun pincushion! Too bad it doesn't fit.
Those blocks waiting for siblings are very nice looking. Can't wait to see them in their finished state!

Nicky said...

Great blocks Liz you have been quietly busy! Love that pineapple in the case! Is that something else you are working on!?

Dawn said...

I love those blocks! I want to reach right over and look through them ;-)
I've done the basket dump in the car too...I have a few containers for the a...few...projects I tote around inside and outside of the house.

regan said...

Oh my gosh! Seeing the pic looking down into your new case, I immediately thought of my vintage overnight case! I think it's usually called a cosmetics case for travelling back in the 40's! You know the one....marbled blue hard case, with the beige hard rubberized corners and handle, with the gold-tone clips that kept it closed! It was my mother's and when you open it, it still smells of lipstick and Wind Song perfume. It has the tray with the little compartments, perfect for sewing items, and the deep area underneath the tray will hold my project when I go to meetings. I think I need to make it my 'new' sewing-on-the-go case! Thanks for the inspiration, and my little trip down memory lane! I would never have thought of it on my own! lol

Kathie said...

great basket I can see why it needs a lid though! love your solution its really cute! can't wait to see the quilt top on the design wall, the blocks look interesting!
can't we have a peak???

Quilts And Pieces said...

How cute and perfect is that box for taking your stuff! It is adorable!