Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monkey style

I thought I'd do something different today  instead of going to just my old favourites blogs.  I swept through the blogs like Tarzan swinging through the jungle.

I started at quilterblogs.com.  It was easy to pick an interesting blog post.  After reading it, I left a comment and then scrolled down the sidebar to find an unfamiliar blog.  From there I was led  to so many blogs I've never seen before.  If I came to a dead end where only shops were listed or there was no blogroll, I  started back at the beginning.  How refreshing.  I got to see some great work and now I have a new source of inspiration.

The one rule I made for myself, was to leave a comment wherever I went. Quality sewing time is diverted to create blogs, especially the nicer ones with the appealing,  inspiring pictures.  A small comment left behind is a nice way of saying thankyou and I may meet lots of like minded people.  A real win-win situation.

Lots is written about being a "no-reply blogger".  Don't let that stop you from leaving a comment.  You can't get a reply because there is no return address to your comment.  But you are still entitled to have your say.

I have been doing some machine piecing.  Trying to catch up with the Barbara Brackman civil war blocks blog

and I set myself a goal to make 20 of these blocks last week.  They are sewn in a foundation pieced technique.  I fell short of my target.

If it seems  to you that I am swinging between projects a little like Tarzan you are right.


Julie Fukuda said...

Yep, sounds like Tarzan to me but if you can get all that beautiful work done and still keep swinging ... why not! I love those blocks!

Carol G said...

I love your star/circle blocks--all of them.

Maureen said...

Funny - I've never seen Tarzan with a white beard! Good point about blog surfing and leaving comments.
Love all your blocks, Liz. Awesome fabrics - they are worth an extra click to supersize them.

Donna~~ said...

Your circle blocks are just gorgeous--so beautiful! You used your fabrics so cleverly that I had to just look and look at them. I can't imagine 20 in a week--12 seems amazing enough to me! How do they go together--or would telling me spoil the surprise?! :)

regan said...

Those circle blocks are gorgeous.....and so are your civil war blocks! What a great idea to fly through some new blogs....I haven't done that in quite some time!

Mary said...

I don't know what those circle with stars inside are called, but they are awesome!

Janet O. said...

I've tried to avoid blog surfing lately. It is addictive and can go on forever. Lots of fun, though. : )
CW blocks look really good. Love your fabrics.
Your foundation pieced blocks are beautiful. That was a lofty goal of 20 in one week. I think 12 was a great accomplishment!!

Nicky said...

I prefer to think of you as Jane!Love all the blocks you are doing - so pretty and so very well done! Keep swinging between projects just make sure the loincloth covers it all!

Cheri said...

Oh, I have gone blog hopping before, kind of fun and nice idea to leave a comment at each. Your Barbara Brachman blocks are lovely and the circle blocks are wonderful, they look difficult.
Your fabric choices make them so interesting.
Happy Stitching Liz,

Dawn said...

I love to blog hop.
Your circles are little works o art untio themselves. Beautiful fabrics fussy cut and glorious.

Lori said...

Your blocks are awesome! I'd say 16 is close to 20;)

Jane said...

Your blocks are beautiful.
And I can relate to the Tarzan thing, being Jane!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Years ago I made a bunch of these circle star blocks too. I need to get them out and finish that project!