Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pretty Arrangements

Many are cynical about the marketing drive behind Mothers Day and Fathers Day.  Some of my best friends are amongst that number.  But even they would have their hard hearts soften at the arrival of such a beautiful arrangement at the front door.

Let's face it.  Any opportunity that brings together family and friends to enjoy each others company should be grasped with both hands and savoured.  So whatever your circumstances, I hope you got to share today (Mothers Day in Australia) in good spirits.

Following the stimulus of the recent Antique Quilts Big Day Out and this picture

I pulled out a few of my reproduction fabrics and cut some 1" hexagons.

After a quick bit of stitching I ended up with a pile similar to this

A while later,  the paper pieced hexagons turned into this

There are enough cut hexagons for another 5 blocks.  Then who knows how these little patches of fabric will end up.  I am open to  suggestions.


Julie Fukuda said...

Oh yes. today is a great reminder of what great kids I picked out.(and I won't have any trouble getting rid of excess quilts)

Carol G said...

I picked a mom who gave me my love of reading and sewing. How great is that! Liz, I hope your day is filled with love and laughter.

Sharon said...

I agree with you. My mom has been gone 4.5 years and it's days like today that I think about her more often than other days. Funny, I got up this a.m. and was standing in my kitchen and said out loud,"Happy Mothers Day" I know she heard me!

Crispy said...

Awww your bouquet is lovely!! No suggestions with the hexes LOL.

I thought of my mom this morning too. Even after 11 years I miss her

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Crispy - who is waiting patiently for my son to get breakfast cooked....maybe we will be having brunch LOL

Anonymous said...

Saw them together and start a bed quilt . I am just about 80% on mine , still enjoying it LOL It started as a bag .... 3/4" hexagons.Your blocks look just like my top , I think that if you have no idea at all what to do woith them you might consider sending them my way :-)

Linda C said...

Love your hexagons. l see many fabrics that are in my collection. And l have a bowl full of hexies made with Jo Morton fabrics. Just yummy!!!

Linda C said...

Oh, and l see THAT fabric in the cut hexies, but not yet in a block!! Keeping an eye on you!!!