Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Here are a few more photos from the Antique Quilt Big Day Out:

a red and white signature quilt from one town in the US.  I believe money was raised by charging for the honour of your name appearing on it.

The lady on the right is Dr Annette Gero.   She is a well known Australian quilt historian, who is a keen collector without actually being a quilter herself.

Annette is standing in front of a typical Australian version of hexagon quilt, where the hexagons are not  in a grandmother's garden path but just placed in a less organised scrappy fashion.

Presenting "Coco's Midnight Garden" in close up so you can see the great quilting Adri did.   And finally a gorgeous little present from Janet.

No, we are not formally engaged.  Instead I now have somewhere handy to put my pins.  More appropriate than sticking them in my decollatage.  Thank you, Janet.  She must have noticed that I frequently end up leaving the house covered in threads and pins.  Does that ever happen to you?


Nicky said...

Lovely quilts and pincushion. I too get covered in pins and threads and made an apron to cover up my clothes while working but keep forgetting to wear it! Must look it out before I start sewing today!

Carol G said...

Love seeing the antiques. Did anybody try to count the tiny hexagons in that quilt? Must be thousands. Lovely quilting and great name for Coco's Midnight Garden and I really like the binding you chose. I made one of those little pincushions and used it for a few days. Now I'm back to my bad habit of using the arm of my sofa :-)

Lynette said...

Oh, a pincushion ring would be so handy! Coco's Midnight looks so fun. I'm starting to learn to do long-arm quilting. Aspiring to be able to quilt like that. :)

Crispy said...

Great quilts. I prefer the Aussie way for hexes :0) Wonderful gift from Janet, I stick my pins in my iron/cutting mat. I very often go to work with my scissors still attached to my shirt (I have a retractable clip on thingy for holding my scissors)


Jodi said...

These are fabulous, Liz! Thanks for sharing!

Sharon said...

What great pieces you showcased. It's so interesting to see quilts from other parts of the world. Yes, beautiful quilting on your cover quilt! And what a fun gift,

antique quilter said...

I keep coming back and looking at that quilt behind Annette do you have another picture , pictures of it??? of it close up perhaps?
I am in awe over this quilt!!!!