Saturday, April 9, 2011

Red and White and Crazy

Everywhere you look there is a reference to the Red and White Quilt Exhibition in NYC.  I like to refer to it as the Exhibition of the Century.

Only a generation ago, this exhibition would have been the stuff of myths and legends.  We would have heard about it and perhaps, seen a reference to it  in a  magazine.  Back then, people wouldn't haven't climbed on board buses and planes and travelled across the planet all to meet for a few glorious days at the Park Avenue Armory.

There certainly wouldn't have been beautiful, perfectly focused images of the 651 quilts floating across space.  So many pictures, it's hard to recall them all.  With the permission of the photographers I have listed links to many of the blogs that shared their fabulous experience with us all so generously.

Click on the links to the left and below quilterie's blog header.  Some of the links have more than one post related to the show, so keep on looking beyond the first post  in each link.  One is a virtual red and white show held on line only.  Here is a link to a blog where instructions are being posted on how to make some of the red and white quilts we've been lucky enough to see.  Bravo.

The word on quilt street is that a book will be published by the end of 2012.  It would be lovely if the book were to have images of all 651  quilts, but that is unlikely.  Today we have the opportunity of close up views of quilts that probably won't make it to print.

The links will remain up until the book reaches the market, and then they  will be removed.  Feel free to let me know of other good links you have come across.

 I have some red and white ideas slow cooking in the oven.

The crazy in the post title is related to a crazy quilt I saw this week.  It was made by Mayleen who left a comment on the last quilterie post.  When pressed about her lovely quilt, she modestly admitted that it has won a blue ribbon and a best of class.  You better check it out because it changed my opinion on crazy quilts.

Someone please help me out with batik.  Come on.  I am ready and  willing to be persuaded that batiks are fabulous and I should start collecting them!


Sharon said...

Have you checked out for working with batiks. I love stopping over there for a dose of color and design. There is also a link from the FolkArt where they have a flicker page and anyone can post to it. Pat Sloan has also done up some great references to places on the web. I'm so glad others are an enthralled with this show as I am, I think you are right by calling it The Exhibition of the Century. I just can't imagine going to a show and walking down aisles and not being able to see the quilts because of the people standing in front of them. You got to see every piece, if you had time. It was magical. I'll post some more pics this weekend.

Julie Fukuda said...

I certainly don't need any more books but that one is something I might wish for. It is interesting how many photos have been posted. In Japan there are signs everywhere saying no photographs but I think they want to sell the "book" of exhibit pictures. This years book was awful and very expensive.

Carol G said...

You take such great photos but I can't believe you actually put your new fabric in the oven. You must clean yours more often than I do :-) This fabulous show will be providing inspiration for years. Can't wait to start seeing all the new red and white quilts! Thanks for compiling some great links.

Crispy said...

I sure wish I could have seen the exhibit in person but thank goodness for the internet!!

As for batiks....I love some of them but rarely use them because they are hard to needle when both hand piecing and hand quilting. I do have a stack I have been collecting for a particular applique project that I want to do some day. They do behave beautifully for applique btw :0)


Janet said...

Thank you for posting the links and making sure we get to see what we can. I have changed my mind about batiks after seeing Sandra Leichner's applique.

The Quilted Finish ph 02 63310084 said...

It's been wonderful to see the Red & White quilts from the exhibition on so many blogs, thanks for the links. I am very impressed ;) that your oven is clean enough to place fabric in!! Edyta Sitar from Laundry Basket Quilts sometimes uses batiks in traditional style quilts, either applique or patchwork blocks to great effect. I've only used batiks once, in a quilt for my daughter last year (see in my Flickr, black background/hearts/batik hourglass blocks). The batik fabrics were on sale for $2/ metre, how could I resist!?!