Friday, January 28, 2011

Suburban rainbow

Well, I had to come up with a name for my newest finished quilt.  The colours remind me of the rainbow and the quilting pattern is reminiscent of blocks of houses with roads and streets running around them.  The name doesn't feel quite right but it will have to do

This is a quilt from the Kaffe Fassett book "A Country Garden" but it was actually designed by Roberta Horton.  After I had finished the quilt top I saw another version, probably made earlier, that Roberta had published in the Quilters Newsletter Magazine.  I loved both quilts.  In the book, Roberta used stripes where  I used the aboriginal dots fabric.

It was finished after midnight last night.  The photos were taken quickly.  It does actually hang straight but I couldn't bring myself to keep on adjusting for the camera.  Too many late nights spent trying to meet my deadline.  Originally I had planned to put the label on the front of the quilt

It was quilted with 2 different coloured perle 8 threads. When I took the quilt out of the hoop I was disappointed to see how much the top had scrunched up compared with the rest of the quilt.  It was so much more heavily quilted that the edge 'shrank' more in that corner.  So I had to pull it out.  Pity, because I thought it looked OK.

Here are some more pictures of the quilting

the house blocks are quilted in the aboriginal dots fabric and the roads are quilted in lines along the other Kaffe fabric. 

Sydney has been suffering from high humidity over the last few days and I really felt it under the quilt.  So it was with relief that I finished the quilt and handed it over.

I think I'll turn my hand to some piecing and applique for a while.  From tomorrow  I will be away for a while but I am going to try to post away from home.


Julie Fukuda said...

That thread for quilting turned out great. I like the variety of colors in the thread as well as the quilt. The border fabric gives a very interesting effect.
Too bad you can't send a bit of that heat here. My fingers are stiff from the cold!

Crispy said...

I think it's WONDERFUL Liz. The fabrics you used give it a lot of movement and make want to keep looking at it. Bummer about having to take some stitching out but sometimes it just has to be done. Well Done!!


Anonymous said...

I so love the whole quilt! The colors are great and the quilting is so 'right on'. Have seen so many quilts of late that have been so heavily machine quilted that the piecing/design is totally lost rather than enhanced. Perfect balance in yours. Doreen

Helen said...

Awesome quilt. The colours are fantastic. So lovely and bright. Would love to see a picture of the whole quilt.