Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Every Quilt has a Story

It's true.  No quilt is made without at least some drama.  Here is a story of a quilt I first saw 9 years ago.  I work part time in a patchwork shop and get to see lots of quilts; some from beginning to end, others only at a particular stage.

Renee* first came to the shop with 9 dresden plate blocks she had pieced by hand.  The fabric came from her husband's boxer shorts and the quilt was intended as an anniversary gift for him.  There were 9 blocks to represent the 9 years they had been married.  Being fairly new to patchwork she was unsure of how to proceed.  After a short discussion Renee enthusiastically bought a couple of metres of Kaffe Fassett white with jacaranda spots. 

Today, nine years later,  Renee returned.  I immediately recognized the quilt top.  After so long (including a trip to Fiji) the quilt was slightly faded, but still appealing. 

Renee had recently dug out the quilt top and was determined to finish it.  She came looking for border fabric and we discussed the eventual quilting.  It is still intended as a gift for Graeme*, but he is no longer her husband.  He has left Renee and their twin boys.  I felt sad that the happy quilt is now a symbol of broken lives.  Renee said she wanted to give Graeme something to try to make his life a little happier.  I sincerely hope that life brings lots of happiness for everyone in that family.

* names have been changed.


Karen said...

A very interesting story indeed!

Dawn said...

That's a story, that makes me want to ask about the back story. Complex. I hope she finishes it and starts a new quilt and chapter in her life.

Janet O. said...

That story breaks my heart. How sweet of her to still want to do something nice for this former husband.

audrey said...

What a wonderful thing to still want to finish the quilt and give it to the intended recipient. Amazing really. It's a lovely quilt.:)

Julie Fukuda said...

I hope some day you will get to hear the end of that story and the beginning of the next one.

paulette said...

Hmmm...can't imagine keeping a quilt made out of my Ex's boxers...even if it is as gorgeous as this one is!! LOVE this quilt but sad story! I hope he likes it and realizes what a gem he had!