Sunday, January 18, 2015

Really Busy

In my recent post I mentioned how an off the cuff comment regarding the busyness of my design made me reassess what I was doing.  To paraphrase Crocodile Dundee (refer to google and Wikipedia if you don't get the reference), "You call that busy?  This is busy."

Of course, you'll recognize my version of Bonnie Hunter's 2014 mystery quilt, Celtic Solstice.  It's back from the longarm quilter.  A close up photo does the quilt more justice

The pattern is busy.  There are 49 blocks.  Half have 32 pieces in them and the others have 42 individual pieces.  And then there is the piecing in the borders.  About 2000 pieces all up.  Don't ask me how many seams, but that is lots and lots of cutting and sewing  (if Bonnie is reading I just want to say I am not whining).  Somehow or other I made more bits than required so I used some on the back

I am very pleased with the outcome, even though my quilt could also be described as busy.

As far as the original "busy" quilt, I am still making more of the 3" hourglass blocks.  The advantage of a design wall is that I can fiddle around with the setting of my blocks before sewing and get a better perspective.  I think this is a better outcome than previously.

It also solves a problem I had at the border. Advice and opinions sought and welcomed.

Finally, I became a primary producer recently with my passionfruit vine reluctantly giving up its precious crop.  Not before I threatened it with being replaced by a more co-operative species.  Still, it was delicious and I expect next year the vine will yield more fruit.


audrey said...

Love the border especially on the Celtic Solstice. It pulls everything together wonderfully! And I can definitely see where you're going with the other. The reds and pinks give it a warm background effect.:)

Cardygirl said...

You have been busy!!!! Great quilts, love what you are doing with the hourglass blocks.

Dawn said...

I have a friend who does not allow the term "busy" to be used in her presence. As in too busy, so busy...I did t realize how I often I used it. I do t agree with her lectures, but...use the word less.
Your projects are beautiful, a much better b word description!

Janet O. said...

Your Celtic Solstice is stunning! It may be busy, but it has a very defined pattern with clear contrast where needed. I love it!
How fun to grow your own passion fruit. I am doing well if I can get my strawberries producing. :)

Sharon said...

Those BH patterns do have a lot of piecing. Yours turned out fabulous, love the border. I'm working on Carolina Christmas mystery from 2010? I like to see the finished quilt before I start as I'm more choosy with scrappy, I have to control them. hehe

Barbara Sindlinger said...

A lot of scrap quilts tend to be a little busy but take a step back and they are all so wonderful. I love the name of your quilt.

Debra said...

I love the colours in your Celtic Solstice it looks great.