Monday, December 8, 2014

Holy Fabric

No, that isn't Batman's Robin making a statement.  It is the fabric I used to make lots of fussy cut 5/8th" hexagons.

The repeat is less than 14" across and 6" wide so that only 20cm (8") fabric has produced eight different fussy cut flowers.  Yippee.  Much better than some fabric where a hexagon can be cut every 60cm due to the pattern repeat.

 I don't do that.

 Any more.

A 5/8th" hexagon cut from template plastic is useful to try to cut the exact same piece of pattern 6 times.  A permanent marker guides me to place the plastic so a pencil line can be drawn on the reverse of the fabric.  After a while the black lines get confusing so I have to wash them off.

I have discovered that ethyl acetate (nail polish remover without the acetone) does a great job of removing the permanent black marker.  Next problem: how to remove black marker without also removing nail polish!

Since I have a basket full of white gloves, I have been using them.  You could just as easily wear washing up gloves I suppose.

It is hoped that the  fussy cut flowers will appear somewhere in "Hexagonia" .  Yes, It has been in the dark recesses of the quilterie cupboard, but recently it has seen the light of day while I have been travelling.


Julie Fukuda said...

That sounds like the perfect travel project. Now, if you traveled all the way to Japan, think of how much you could finish! (and you could pick up more fabric here).

Cardygirl said...

Love your hexie eaten fabric and your polish removing musings!mi look forward to seeing your project evolve!

Karen H said...

Some of mt plastic template material can be written on with a mechanical pencil so that's what I use. The marks can be removed with an eraser!

Love your Hexagonia!

Dawn said...

Glad your Hexie project is getting some attention. Your project is lovely. Those little hexagons are perfect for traveling.

LynCC said...

HExagonia is so pretty with all those fussy-cut flowers :)

Barb said...

your hex quilt is amazing!! what a clever tip for removing the ink!