Monday, July 15, 2013

Finishing Off

Classes are always good fun.  I've never been to a class that I haven't learnt something.  Usually I learn a lot and every so often I get highly motivated too.

A class on Wednesday with Gwen Marston at Quiltsmith gave me all of the above in bucketloads. 

I've never come away from a one day workshop with a completed project, until now.

It measures a tiny 12" x 13" but it is backed and bound.  Finished.  Done.  Complete.

Gwen is a lovely teacher; very approachable and generous.  She has amazing energy and it was my priviledge to be a part of her class and later attend a lecture.  For anyone considering a class with her I can highly recommend it.

On another finishing note, I also completed my chartreuse jumper started last winter.  It's been colder than usual, (or am I older than I was last winter?) so I am looking forward to wearing it.  Seems like I am still loving chartreuse.  I didn't realise until now that the quilt and the jumper are both the same colour.    Right now a little doll is wearing it.

 Maybe she should actually be under my Gwen Marston quilt...


Cardygirl said...

Great little glad you enjoyed the workshop.

Kathie said...

I am loving this green now too, your little quilt is adorable, wow the jumper looks wonderful...stay warm and here its in the 90's all week way too hot for me!

can you tell us what did you walk away with from Gwen's class that made you think? What tip was your favorite?

so glad you were able to take her class and hear her lecture.

Janet O. said...

Never had the opportunity for a class from Gwen, but your comments are consistent with what I hear from others who have been fortunate enough to be instructed by her. I could use some of the "liberating" things she teaches. Looks like you were a good student.
Interesting how sometimes we are just drawn to a color repeatedly without realizing it. I think your doll looks plenty warm as is--you can use the little quilt and let her keep the jumper. : )

audrey said...

Your little quilt is fabulous! Love the bits of that teal/red fabric esp. What an incredible opportunity for you to learn from Gwen!

Dawn said...

I love your Gwen class project. I think it looks very complex and would never guess a class project. Impressive.
Nice sweater too. I'm not a knitter so I'm doubly impressed.

Every Stitch said...

Sounds like it was a marvellous workshop - and that is a great little quilt! Nice and cosy jumper too - and I love that colour too.

Nifty Quilts said...

Wonderful small quilt! Beautiful sweater too. Congratulations x 2!

Carol G said...

I adore your newly finished project--and the jumper too.