Monday, March 18, 2013

On my Bum

 True to my plan for 2012, I have been working in solids.  The applique quilt is coming along nicely.  There are 9 blocks; so far 3 are complete and a fourth is underway.

While I haven't been quilting as much as I'd like, I did recently cover a cushion for the window seat.  It's my favourite spot to sit and catch some sun and watch the world go by.  The large print on top is Amy Butler home decorator fabric and the  gusset is a Kaffe Fassett spot.

 The cushion has not one, but two zips.  Initially I made a neutral cover with a zip.  When I stood back to admire my handiwork I realised that there was no life in it at all.  So back to the drawing board and I came up with a much happier, more colourful version 2.  It even has piping. Rather than toss the original away, I left it in place and covered it over.

Zips and piping.  Previously I have said I can't even sew a handkerchief.  I must be getting better at using my sewing machine.  Eventually I'd like to make a shirt.  I even have some beautiful Kaffe Fassett fabric set aside for this very purpose.

 I know it is directional, but in my mind that is a much smaller obstacle to hurdle than  actually making something that fits and I could be seen in publicly. 

The local upholsterer has been having a massive sale so I bought fabric for chair cushions, curtains and even armchairs.  Wish I could have bought some sewing hours to go with them.  I am quietly confident that I will get some more home dec going this year.
  No fabulous quilts to show; just humming along, keeping my head above water.  I have an nice repro quilt top I just finished that I'll show next time.  Till then, be good.



Janet O. said...

The cushion is beautiful! Is that view for real?!? Wow!

audrey said...

Wonderful applique block!

Kathie said...

beautiful cushion but oh my what an amazing view!
I would spend hours there just looking out!
I LOVE that block wow can't wait to see that quilt top! 3 blocks done thats great, when you lay them out do you see a circular motion from the cheddar? Is this from a pattern??????? Love it.
hmmm repro quilt top, can't wait to see that one too!
so glad your back in blogland.
always love seeing your work

Carol G said...

Great color combo on you applique block and wonderful pattern which is new to me. Your cushion looks like the work of a pro!

Julie Fukuda said...

The finished block is so nice. Are you making all the same? I wonder if I would get any quilting done if I had a view like that to distract me...

Lisa said...

I agree with Kathie! That view is amazing, not sure I would get much sewing done if I had that to look at every day.

Donna in SW PA said...

Love your block and you view!!

Sharon said...

I'm with Janet, great cushion but you wouldn't get my butt off it with a view like that!