Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Travelling blog

In October last year I travelled across the world to the Houston Quilt Festival.  On my way I stopped at LA and met up with my new buddy/mate Dawn from You probably recognize the url since she has the best show and tell ever.   Check her out, but not before you have a look at where she took me

I don't want to make you  drool over the keyboard, but look at all the flatpacks here

"Flatpacks" refers to the absence of the usual cardboard that the fabric is wrapped around.  Difficult to see what is actually there when it is stored like this, but at $2/yard, I was prepared to look harder.  There were aisles of flatpacks to hunt through.

Thanks for the experience, Dawn.  Far be it from me to advertise on my blog, but if you are curious about our destination, look up M & L fabrics.  I hope you laugh like I did at the customer feedback.

I am on my way to the US again and have packed a whole pile of handwork to do in the down times.  According to quilterie's law  I won't get much sewing in, but here is what I aspire to do:

There are four different projects, none of them involve solids.  As I was explaining to Janet, if a quilt top is started in 2012, then it can only be made from solids.  Otherwise, with work started prior, I can continue on in patterned fabric.


Janet O. said...

Lucky you! I'd love to go to this store someday and I'd love to meet up with Dawn (and you). What brings you to the U.S. this time?

Newbie Jen said...

Ah Man! I was in Buena Park today and had no idea this existed! But next time...!!!

Shirley said...

I like your logic Liz on the solids. I have noticed solids being used much more in blogland with great results. Hope you manage some stitching.

Carol G said...

Wow, thanks for the fabric store tip. It's on my list for next time I visit my sister. I think if you don't get much stitching done, it will mean you really enjoyed your trip!

Dawn said...

It was a fun little tour we took from LAX and back in a few hours! Amazing what a couple quilters can find!
Till next time...