Monday, July 4, 2011

Morse Code

Apart from its label, "Morse Code" is finished.

 It represents a few milestones for me; my first quiltback, pieced from different fabrics;

the first time I have machine quilted a quilt larger than a cot quilt;  the first time I have designed a block rather than referred to a book.

Knitting is also on the agenda.  I've made two sleeves so far

and also undone the first few inches of the back several times.  The edge pattern is complex and I lose track of where I am up to very easily.

This weekend saw us take a trip three hours drive west of Sydney to a town called Bathurst.  On the way we went for a bushwalk into the amazing Grose Valley where my husband, big kid that he is, couldn't resist "planking". 

Nearby, I was having kittens.


Carol G said...

Still one of my favorite quilts of yours. I like the back too and you did a great job centering the inner square!

Julie Fukuda said...

That is truly a great finish!I love everything about it.(Especially the arrangement of warm and cool colors.)

YankeeQuilter said...

Wonderful quilt! Congrats on breaking out the mold...

Crispy said...

Oh Liz your quilt is wonderful! I have never pieced a back before for fear of having it crooked and you did it great :0)

Why do our "men" have to be like boys? I often say, Bob is 12 going on 66 LOL.


The Quilted Finish said...

Love your quilt, you do scrappy quilts so well.
We had a couple of ludicous discussions on "Planking" a month or so ago when my 11 year old asked why people would do something so silly...I'll have to show him your "Planker"
Hope you had a pleasant weekend in Bathurst.

Janet O. said...

Mmmm-mmm, I do love that finished quilt. It is so eye-catching.
Boys will be boys, and so will the men. : )