Sunday, February 13, 2011

Progress report

Well, I am still beavering away at my stars from the previous post as well as 120+ purple circles for the Beyond the Cherry Tree quilt block#16.  I have brought along another hand project.

If you're wondering about the background to this little's snow!  The hexagons are 5/8th " so this is still quite small, but it should keep me occupied for the next 10 days or so when we travel to San Diego.  I think this is what is described as a portable project. I have included a photo of the car we are driving around in - probably best described as a truck

It is a Chevy Suburban.  One row bigger than a Toyota Landcruiser, it seats 7 and has a huge boot (trunk) space for luggage.  I am surprised at myself for being able to haul it around on the wrong side of the road, at speed, on unknown highways, in the dark,  during snowy conditions.  Can you tell?

That is all in my progress report.  The computer is starting to do fancy things to my paragraphs.  Before I can do any more sewing, I must just hunt down 2 lost socks...seems like that happens in every hemisphere.


Julie Fukuda said...

It's going to take a lot of hexies that size to make anything very big ... or is this a mini-quilt? You are very brave. I have been driving for so long on the "wrong" side of the street that I just can't imagine driving in the states.

Crispy said...

120+ berries!! That will keep you out of mischief for a while LOL. Yep those Suburbans are BIG!! I can't imagine having to learn to drive on the other side of the road!! Very confusing for when you get home again LOL.

Have fun in San Diego, a bit of a change from the Colorado Rockies :0)


Una said...

Your star is JUST amazing! So beautiful!! I'm also amazed at your capability and guts to drive in a foreign country in unfamiliar weather conditions. My hat is off;) Yep, glad to know sock problems are universal - you crack me up! Have a great trip to California:) U

Quilt Azubi said...

oh dear, what a small hexagon work!

wish you good trip.
Kat :)

Sharon said...

Are you traveling from Colorado to San Diego by car? Enjoy your vacation.

Anonymous said...

How are you doing with the hexagons? Thanks for your interest in my blog, I have tried a couple of things on my wordpress ID. Can you ser my address now? I like your style too!