Monday, September 5, 2011

Finger Sitting

The mother in me demanded a clean up of the sewing patch.  A pile of quilts ended up looking so pretty together that I thought you might like to enjoy it too.

I know I'm not the only one who pulls out fabric in a frenzy to find the right piece while the idea is current and clear.  And then fails to put it back neatly.  The process repeats itself endlessly before eventually, there is no available working space.  I won't share a picture of my mess.

While cleaning up I discovered some UFOs that were never going to become FOs.  It was powerful to move the blocks to the orphan block box and put quarantined fabric back into general circulation.  

With this in mind, restraining my urge to start more new projects has been like sitting on my fingers.  It's been tough to hold back.  So many gorgeous quilts flying through the ether...still only 24 hours in my day.

"Pointless" has been machine quilted.  Kate cleverly worked out the thread colour to match red and blue. Thanks Kate for the nice job doing an allover Baptist Fan pattern.  It remains my 'go to' pattern for allover quilting.  Binding is on, and label is ready to be applied.

"Pointless" even has a new owner,  Sarah, our youngest.  She likes the front and thinks the back is cool.  She is  too young to remember the country period of patchwork.  And Sarah even likes the name, which for those of you who haven't been keeping up to date, is not a nihilistic expression of existentialism, but rather, recognition of the absence of points on some stars.

Having fallen dramatically behind with the Beyond the Cherry Tree Album quilt, I have recently put in a burst of applique and am now only 8 blocks behind.  From a glass half full perspective, I have finished 15 applique blocks!

I am unwilling to try "new Blogger" because I think the old version is fine.  I frequently see comments on blogs about Blogger acting up.  Any comments or advice about "New Blogger" will be welcome.

Now I have to take my husband's car off to be repaired.  I scratched it during the recent trip to Canberra.  I didn't notice but he did.  I suppose I would feel the same if someone borrowed my sewing machine and it didn't come back the same way it left.


Beginning Quilting Now said...

Great first post of the month! I love that quilt on the sofa, it's colors are so warm. Perfect for a girl of any age.

Janet O. said...

I relate to the "sitting on fingers." Since I have myself on a "no new projects" diet, I am drooling over many fabrics, patterns and ideas, but ultimately walking away. I think I have been strong for a whole week now! That has to be some kind of record!
I remember "Pointless". Glad someone appreciates it, because I rather like it!

Julie Fukuda said...

I am getting so tired of new versions of e-mail and new versions of blogger. I did look at both and opted to go back to the older version. I really get frustrated when they keep fixing things that aren't broken in the first place.
Then again, I might just be old and set in my ways.

Nicky said...

Yeah Liz - great finish! Well done - pointless is going to have a great new life with your daughter I'm sure! I'm messy in the sewing room and to be honest most other places too!

Crispy said...

I remember "Pointless" too and am happy that it has found a very appreciative new owner :0)

I don't get the need to change everything all the time. I guess it relates to job security LOL. I'll just stick with the old version, thank you very much LOL.


Cheri said...

I like your stack of cutes also, I keep a little stack under a coffee table in my living room and just enjoy seeing them there. It is liberating to let go of some projects and add the fabric to the stash. I echo some of your other comments, I do not see the need to try the new blogger.
Have a good week!

Shasta said...

Your pile of quilts look great, as does the gifted quilt. I work like you do too, and have been working on cleaning and organizing my space. It is really difficult to not start a new project, or even work on finishing an existing one until the sewing space is done. I haven't switched yet either.

Carol G said...

Nice pile of quilts! And I'm glad Pointless made it to completion and found a happy home.

Sharon said...

Nice finish, I love BF for an all over. I tried the new blogger but it wouldn't work with my current version of whatever browser I was in, so I bailed and went back to what I know works.

Maureen said...

Pointless looks so inviting! Love the diagonal striped border.
My son told me to get used to the new blogger because they probably would stop supporting the old. So far it has been fine. The thing I have noticed over the past couple of weeks is I can't always see followers. Only a nuisance when I want to click on the join this site button and it isn't there.

taylorsoutback said...

What? You don't put fabric back right away?? Never heard of such a thing!!! LOL - I think that is why they made big cutting tables so we can pile stuff on it...
Love your finishes - such a good feeling!
Haven't made the switch either - will be getting a different laptop soon and may jump in and try then. I tend to get comfortable in my old ways and wonder if it works...why change?? My brain needs more memory - it has about maxed out.

Dorothy said...

Not quite sure how's blog I found you on but I've had a lovely scroll through and your bundle of quilts look lovely beside the vase of flowers.